Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Random Impulse - Overload

Most people who read this blog would be unaware of my previous life with the flood of Indie music I post up. A massive grime fan. I tend to distance myself from the whole scene now with most of it being electro/pop but once upon a time it was all I would listen to. A sound that was real to its surroundings.

One artist who has managed to pull through is Random Impulse. I remember listening to his mixtapes ' Full Metal Alchemist' & 'Word On The Street' released at the height of the grime scene.

Jovel Walker (Random Impulse) always seemed above this music though. Being a self taught guitar player it was only right that his fusion of Hip Hop, Grime and Indie came together for quality productions laced with raw thought provoking lyrics. 

His talent in production really shines through whether any of you have noticed it or not with a track wrote for Lupe Fiasco's forthcoming album 'Lasers' and having songs featured in hit US shows HBO’s Bones and CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles.

His production talents didn't stop just there. 
"On the 9th of June 2010, Impulse began making weekly ‘Refixes’ of songs such as Tinie Tempah’s frisky, and Dizzee Rascal’s ‘just a rascal’ in which he remakes the entire instrumental himself and writes and records his own vocals, giving the songs his own personal imprint"

The new EP 'Overload' is set for release on 28th February 2011


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