If you have anything you want featured on the blog then feel free to send me an email at the above address and I'll more than happy write an article on your feature (if I like it). The same goes if you want something taken down.

I'm a nice guy so I don't write negative reviews. This blog's built around the idea of music I love. Therefore if I don't get back to you within a few weeks it sadly means it wasn't for me. I try my best to get music up as fast as I can but I am a one man machine so sometimes there might be a delay. Be assured though I do listen to every single song I am sent. I just rarely reply to emails featuring music I don't like.

***What makes me happy***
  • Please include a streaming link (Soundcloud preferably or Youtube/Bandcamp etc). 
  • Don't hyperlink 5+ words in your email as I won't be able to determine which link is the single. Just paste the direct link. The same goes for blog premieres. I won't click through another site to listen to your song. Direct link me please.
  • Don't send me a download link with no streaming option 
  • DON'T SEND 4+ FOLLOW UP EMAILS. I listen to every single song I'm sent. If I like it, it WILL end up with a post. It's lovely to get sent so much music but I don't often have the time to reply to everything so sadly track's that aren't to my tastes will rarely be replied to. 
  • I also rarely post remixes

I'm a one man project and get a lot of emails. It's becoming hard to keep up. That aside, Bring on the great music!