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Pop Up: An Indie Musicians Showcase in Las Vegas

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Before the weekend of June 24-26 in 2011, the music scene in Las Vegas was mainly associated with Wayne Newton and Frank Sinatra, show tunes and cabaret, maybe some blues, but the general consensus was that the genre variety was slim. However, the Electric Daisy Carnival marked the beginning of a new musical era, and people all over the world were realising that there was much more to Sin City than the casinos. As more festivals weaved their way to the middle of the Nevada desert, music had quickly become a motivational factor for travellers to visit Sin City. The notion of the house always winning had left people with a less-than-appealing image of casinos, worsened by the online portals currently dominating the gambling industry. To make matters worse for land-based casino managers, companies like Ladbrokes are making a shift in operations to increase their online presence, teaming up with the likes of Gala Casino, a leading online casino operator, to encourage betting on-the-go. But now that Vegas is a fledgling music capital, the city still manages to be one of the most popular entertainment hubs in the world.

Although the international sensations and famous headliners are enough to keep the fans coming, many locals felt that the city was left with musical voids after the downtown gem Insert Coin(s) made their last call in the summer. The EDM revolution had blinded visitors from the raw, local talent that graced the stage of the video game/vintage arcade bar, and to give everyone a well rounded sonic experience that Insert Coin(s) did so effortlessly, the bar’s former musical director Bree DeLano has launched a new event series known as “Pop-Up.” DeLano, also known as DJ88, described the downtown hotspot as a musical church that wasn’t afraid to take risks in their format, playing everything between Stevie Wonder to Diplo. She intends to bring the same energy and enthusiasm towards the old and new tracks, the world famous musicians and the undiscovered artists. Having curated talent for several establishments on and off the Strip, 88 has got an extensive list of large venues and intimate spaces and a huge network of acts to relive the glory days of Insert Coin(s).

The first in the sonic party series took place in one of her favorite haunts, Ghostbar in Palms Casino on Sunday, November 15. Named “The Soulsonic Edition,” she featured a variety of DJs and artists in genres such as soul, electronic soul, house, jazz and R&B. The lineup included Brittany Rose, Cameron Calloway, CoCo Jenkins and Rico DeLargo, along with DJs to keep the party flowing. Where will the next party be and who will DeLano showcase? The element of surprise is the beauty of Pop-Up.

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