Monday, 12 February 2018

Harry Styles Is Everywhere

We don’t hear too much about One Direction these days (which many of us might take to be a good thing), but Harry Styles seems to be everywhere. In fact, he appears to be offering the joking call of a spoof video that emerged several years back. The Key Of Awesome, a YouTube channel of parody videos, did a version of the One Direction song “What Makes You Beautiful” (which has its own IMDB page now) in which the band argued about who would be “the Justin one.” That is to say, parody semi-predicted that one member of One Direction would break out like Justin Timberlake from *NYSNC and have a solo career.

Well, as of early 2018 it’s definitely starting to appear that Styles is the Justin one. Or at least he seems to be popping up all over the place, and always as a solo act. Musically, his latest trick was performing on stage with Fleetwood Mac, a group he’s publicly expressed admiration for before. Styles hopped up on stage at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall and helped the band play “The Chain,” with Lorde and Haim in the house to honor the group as well. It made for some of the biggest music-related Styles headlines since he released his first solo album last year (to fairly strong reviews, incidentally).

Since One Direction’s prime, Styles has also made at least a minor name for himself getting into trouble in the most A-list way possible. To be clear, he hasn’t gotten into serious trouble just yet, and there’s no indication he will; but Styles has joined the list of major celebrities with an interest in casino gaming, and was reportedly asked to leave a Vegas casino for being underage. It had been on the young pop star’s mind to put some of his $70-plus million fortune on the line at the blackjack tables. But apparently that vice wasn’t quite within his grasp yet, leading to a mildly amusing spot of trouble for the young star. You can’t be the Justin one without making a few “oops” headlines, right?

And let us not forget that Styles also kicked off his film career last year, appearing in the Oscar-nominated war film Dunkirk. A lot of film fans raised their eyebrows (or rolled their eyes) at the idea of the unproven pop star getting a role in a major, serious film. But director Christopher Nolan insists Styles earned his place in the cast, and to be fair Styles did a fine job (though his character was a little bit of a jerk). It was a good start on the big screen for a young man who seems to have any career he wants in entertainment in front of him. Now he’s even being talked about as a possible candidate for the next James Bond!

We’d like to see Styles focus a little bit on the solo career, because that debut album actually wasn’t half bad, and he’s got enough years ahead of him to easily shake the boy band label. But even now we can definitively say that Styles is the Justin one.

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