Thursday, 15 April 2021

Charli Adams - Cheer Captain

Confronting her religious and conservative upbringing, Charli Adams returns with her latest single Cheer Captain, coinciding with the news of her debut LP ‘Bullseye’, due out July 16th via Color Study. “‘Cheer Captain’ is a resentful and regretful song about struggling with a saviour complex as a serial people pleaser”, explains the rising songwriter. “I desperately wanted to be everything for everyone so I became a customizable human being that often went against everything I actually am. It’s always felt like the thesis of this project as I touch on my relationship with religion, my parents, and men.I grew up in Alabama and I was captain of the cheerleading team in my freshman year of high school and a worship leader at a church. I think it’s safe to say I was struggling with my identity, in fact I really hated it all so a year later, I started school online and moved to Nashville for music”. Take a watch of the video below.


Banji - Dogbreath (Official Video)

Returning with another experimental masterpiece, jam packed with eccentric melodies and pop derived goodness, Netherlands-based 4-piece Banji have unveiled their latest single Dogbreath. Speaking about the new single vocalist Morris Brandt explains:“The chorus was inspired by stumbling across the word 'Dogbreath' in the notes app on my phone (I think my girlfriend put it there??). I recorded the hook with this word in mind, and the rest of the lyrics just fell out. I wanted to encapsulate a type of regret. One that is not rooted in truth, but in appearing truthful.Feeling guilt-ridden about your actions, and wishing it would have gone another way, but failing to accept true consequence. Coming up with excuses instead of dealing with it. Like you can't just fix you breath with a piece of gum, you can't change the situation you put yourself in that easily.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Photo: Pasqual Amade


Monday, 12 April 2021

The Snuts - Glasgow (Official Music Video)

Last week saw Scotland's indie outfit The Snuts release their stunning sun soaked video for fan-favourite single ‘Glasgow’. Directed and filmed by regular collaborators Forest Of Black (Liam Gallager, Foals, Biffy Clyro), the video was shot on a rooftop in Glasgow as the sun closes in on the city’s backdrop and takes the band under the cover of darkness.  “Glasgow is such an important track for us. It is a love letter to one of the greatest cities in the world.” Jack Cochrane said of the track. “For the video we setup our instruments on the top of a building in the city centre and performed to the Glasgow skyline whilst our lyrics ‘I’ll always love the way that you say Glasgow’ were being projected onto one of the most iconic buildings in the city.” Take a watch for yourselves below. Glasgow is taken from the band's recently released debut album.

Photo: Gazwilliamson


Friday, 2 April 2021

HYYTS - Blue & White (Official Video)

Glasgow's pop troubadours HYYTS have today returned with their excelling new single Blue & White. Following on from their previous single's Bad Tattoo, SOS and Lonely People, the pair deliver another pop perfected stunner filled with infectious choruses, uplifting melodies and a pulsating synth electronic backdrop. Coinciding with the single the duo have also shared news of their upcoming EP entitled Helluvatime, set for release on June 4. On Blue & White, singer Adam says "We decided to shoot the video with our fave directors Pip + Lib through more of a feminine gaze. Challenging gender norms has always been a big thing for us. We’re two cis men from Glasgow where so-called 'masculinity' is important and heteronormativity rules supreme. We’ve played so many gigs where our genre of music, our flamboyance and femininity, even the fact that we’re not playing guitars, is questioned and mocked as too feminine. In my old job I worked in prisons across Scotland as a music therapist and saw the levels of toxic masculinity perpetuating the stigma around mental health and it's a really massive issue in Scotland. So we wanted to make a really cool video and quash some gender norms along the way. Plus they made my hair look like clouds which was the coolest thing ever." Take a listen for yourselves below.


Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Varley - Bubble Up

Photo: Jen Krause

Releasing the first cut taken from their upcoming debut album, Berlin trio Varley share their effervescent new single Bubble Up. Packed with infectious melodies and softly played out harmonies set across its subdued 80's synth backdrop, the track is a comforting ode the overthinkers. Speaking in further detail about the track, singer Claire-Ann explained;  “The bones of Bubble Up” was written on the first day of my new job. Totally overwhelmed and embarrassed after being given out to. Public humiliation = my worst nightmare. I’m quite happy to fade into the background (ironic, I know!) I told my new work colleagues that I was going for a break but in reality I sat in the bathroom, upset and started to hum a melody. Sometimes I find it hard to slow down my thoughts or turn off the inner dialogue. I guess „Bubble Up” is that feeling of the pressure rising and not knowing how to keep it together and wishing you weren’t like this." Take a listen for yourselves below.

Monday, 29 March 2021

Swnami - Theatr

Welsh language outfit Swnami (pronounced tsunami) recently returned with their double a-side single ‘Uno, Cydio, Tanio’ (Unite, Embrace, Ignite) backed with Theatr. Striving in a slick confidence, the band have readily become known for their colourful array of energising guitar melodies and driving synth pad textures, and their latest effort proves to be no another resounding success as they continue to build on the accolades of their debut record. Ifan Ywain says: “Theatr is about a toxic relationship, where one person wants to get back with the other. It feeds into the wider idea of escapism in terms of wanting to escape a broken, unhealthy situation and wanting something more. The song is very much a conversation between two people”. Take a listen for yourselves below. The band enlisted director Sam Kinsella (Black Honey / Temples) for the video, set against the beautiful backdrop of Portmeirion which starsg Tom Rhys Harries (Star of Netflix Original 'White Lines / upcoming Apple TV Series, ‘Suspicion’).


The Beach - Still In Love

Returning over the weekend, George Morgan aka The Beach has shared his wonderfully euphoric new single ‘Still In Love’ produced by and co-written with Fyfe. Speaking about his new single, he said, "Essentially a confession/play by play of how I acted/felt about my ex-girlfriend after we broke up. I convinced myself that I was over it but was brutally reminded I wasn’t when I bumped into her at a mutual friend's birthday. You never know how you're gonna react when you see an old flame out somewhere and I guess this song is my experience of still feeling something when I didn't think I would; The writing of the song was a pretty rare experience, I was 40mins late to the session with Fyfe as I was trying to gather my emotions before I turned up. On arrival the song just fell out and within 3 hours we had recorded the whole thing, which is how it is today. It was a great example of songwriting as therapy, I turned up to the session feeling terrible. And left feeling amazing listening to the song we’d just written on my headphones." Take a listen for yourselves below. 

Photo: Tom Byfield

Thursday, 25 March 2021

Famous - Stars (Official Audio)

London trio Famous have recently announced their second EP The Valley, set for release on May 28th, coinciding with the band sharing their latest single Stars. On the EP Famous, say, “‘The Valley’ was recorded in London between 2019-2021.  It’s a much more intimate than the music we’ve released before. It’s a sort of redemption narrative — almost, at least. Loss, recovery, regression, progress, self-forgiveness all sitting together in this kind of complicated mess.  I think they are optimistic songs.  There’s a lot in there about the power of friendship and family, the joy of working at what you love, and a lot of hope for the future.” Take a listen for yourselves below.