Sunday, 15 May 2022

Seafret - Hollow

Having been hard at work in recent months, East Yorkshire duo Seafret made their very welcomed return ahead of the weekend with new single Hollow. A track set to conjure thoughts of hope following the loss of a loved one the track continues their touching reign of emotively driven work, pieced together in blistering fashion. Speaking about the new single, the duo’s Jack Sedman explains, "My grandparents have always been the couple my whole family aspire to be. They had basically the perfect package and have always been the foundation in our family. I often wondered what it would be like if we were to lose one of them and how that would be/ how we would cope. This song was inspired by that feeling". Take a listen for yourselves below. 


Rosie Darling - Fucked Up Summer

Voracious, and with a confidence like no other, Rosie Darling makes her exceptional return with new single Fucked Up Summer. From its unassuming, softly played intro comes a towering pop powerhouse with huge ear-worm melodies and hard hitting choruses. “I definitely write from real emotions,” she explains in more detail. “There are a lot of specific lyrics. The song reveals more and more as it goes on. It’s meant to be conversational and poetic. When you listen to one of my songs, I want you to feel like you’re going to see a movie. I met Halsey in Whole Foods, and I was super inspired by meeting her. She followed me on Instagram and said I could send her music. I was on such a high I wanted to lean into her style. It was a huge inspiration for ‘Fucked Up Summer’.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


Hanne Mjøen - Bad for My Health

Drawing from the elusive pop blueprint, Norwegian-based artist Hanne Mjøen returns with her shimmering new single Bad For My Health. With huge pop sensibilities and towering choruses, the track documents the ups and downs relationships often entail with push pull emotions coming to surface. Speaking about the single in more detail she goes on to say ''Sometimes I think love is bad for me, and in some ways it is, because it isn't always good and we’re not always good for each other. We do toxic things and we have our selfish moments. “You're bad for my health but you’re good for my heart” is my way of describing the ups and downs of a relationship when you’re too honest with each other, fighting over stuff that don’t really matter, not knowing if you should take a break or break up, but because it feels so good when it's good, you keep trying.'' Take a listen for yourselves below.


Thursday, 12 May 2022

Wings of Desire - A Million Other Suns

Fast becoming favourites of mine, Wings of Desire made their very welcomed return last week with new single A Million Other Suns. Through their aspirant driving percussion and soaring vocals comes another quintessential pop song of grand desires as the duo continue to churn out hit after hit. Speaking about the track in more detail the pair go on to say, “Long summer nights and escaping the mundane. ‘A Million Other Suns’ was written after finishing a shift at the pub and taking a moment to people watch, seeing these uptight vessels of society loosening and allowing themselves to relax and release their inhibitions. Yes, tomorrow is a new day. But tonight is about forgetting”. Take a listen for yourselves below.


FLOWVERS - Daylight (Official Video)

Photo credit: Ele Marchant

Following on from sharing their new single Daylight last month, South Coast quartet FLOWVERS have returned to unveil the single's official video. The music video, directed and edited by Tom Knibbs, sees the quartet in natural surroundings and experiments with both digital and analogue formats to truly capture the essence of the song. Speaking about 'Daylight' in more detail FLOWVERS say, "'Daylight', our happy sad love child. The first recordings we have are just Stan, Henry, and Matisse playing in a rehearsal room when Connor was absent. To this day we still play it three or four times back-to-back when rehearsing because of the sheer buzz we feel off it." Take a watch for yourselves below.

Live Dates
12th May - The Great Escape Festival, Brighton
12th May - Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton (Alternative Escape Showcase)
26th May - Signature Brew, Haggerston
11-14th August - 110 Above Festival, Leicestershire


Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Dive Deep

Photo credit: Nick Mckk

Taken from their new album, Endless Rooms, out last Friday on Sub Pop, Australia’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever share the record's latest cut, 'Dive Deep'. With towering guitar lines and swooping rhythms comes another fine example of their sun-kissed rock as they deliver elongated, powerhouse melodies just like they know how. "This is a simple song of devotion," says Tom Russo on the single. "It’s about if you are going to give in to love, you need to go all in, and accept that you have no control in the matter. It began as a home recording during lockdown. I recorded the guide vocals and guitars with my new baby strapped to my chest. When we could finally get together to play it, Joe White came up with the perfect lead guitar tone. He was given full license to wail, and did so.. I remember sitting by the fire, looking up at the stars, and hearing the guitar echoing all around the valley." Take a listen for yourselves below. The band's new LP Endless Rooms is available now.


The Lounge Society - Blood Money (Official Video)

Photo credit: Alex Evans

Ahead of their debut album entitled 'Tired Of Liberty', due out 26th Aug via Speedy Wunderground, The Lounge Society make their excellent return with new single Blood Money. Blending their sharp guitars and percussive hits with punk nuances and sharp witted lyricism comes a high brow introduction into their introspective sound, and we're all for it. Speaking about the track in more detail, the band comment:  “Blood Money is a reaction to the culture of greed that’s seeping into the corridors of power across the world. It’s a reminder that ultimately, we all suffer at the hands of self-serving elites, and it’s our personal perspective on the effects of dirty politics on the everyday lives of ourselves and people we know. For us it’s a song that completely captures this record and us as a band. It feels like the perfect development from our previous releases to our debut album and exactly how this record should be introduced. The balance of driving guitar riffs and the groove of the drums and bass is sort of a snapshot of the album. We’d never claim to be a purely dance based band and we’d never claim to be a purely guitar riff-based band because it’s the combination of the two which excites us. On Blood Money it felt like in the studio we took our sound to a different level. We approached the album recording in a totally fresh way to how we have recorded in the past and we got exactly what we wanted. We had good friends & Speedy label mates of ours Anouska (Honeyglaze) and Jojo (Heartworms) do some extra vocals in the chorus, and it really elevated it and gave it an almost operatic feel which was amazing to see develop in the studio.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


Thursday, 5 May 2022

Belot - Fake Phone Calls

Photo: Issy townsend

Ahead of her upcoming EP 'Harmless Fun', due out June 10th, Belot makes her very welcomed return with new single Fake Phone Calls. Tapping in to the infamous pop blueprint, expect an exhilarating drive of infectious sing-a-long melodies and soaring choruses as her latest effort explodes in to life. Speaking about the new track, she said, “‘Fake phone calls’ is an unfortunately true tale about when I almost physically ran into my ex whilst walking with my new partner. In order to do anything and everything to avoid the hellish interaction, I fumbled and pretended to be on the phone and of course my phone decided to ring at that very moment, so I panicked and crossed the road… She pretended she didn’t see me and the whole thing was the stuff of nightmares.” Take a listen to the awkward-inspired number for yourselves below.