Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Chartreuse - Feed Be Fed

Photo Credit – Pooneh Ghana

Taken from their forthcoming ‘Is It Autumn Already?’ EP, Out 19th November, Chartreuse return with their ethereally stunning new single Feed Be Fed. Earnest and bittersweet, it's melodies reach far beyond their echelon as they meander through the track's ever changing percussive pace. Having long established a rich and dynamic sound, their latest effort only goes on to solidify their place in this emotional territory with another fine and established work of art. Speaking about the new single vocalist Hattie Wilson explains, "Feed Be Fed is about being stuck in a cycle and the idea that just because something is convenient doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. I'd been on the contraceptive pill for a few years and became aware I was experiencing it's side effects on my mental health, which seem to be widely pushed under the rug. I knew something was up and tried to speak to my nurse about how I was feeling which just resulted in frustration, the view was that it couldn't possibly be the pill making me feel unwell, so I researched it online and spoke to friends & realised my experience wasn't rare. It still took me years to come off it as I'd gotten used to feeling the way I did". 

"When I finally did come off it I wrote the line 'Feed Be Fed, Be Hungry' in my phone notes which is where it stayed for a few weeks. Then when I was ready I sat down one afternoon and the rest just flowed. We then all worked on it and arranged it but it took a while to get right and really settle on the best way to serve the song.   It was born out of frustration that I wouldn't get that time back but is full of hope and relief that I felt like me again". Take a listen for yourselves below alongside its accompanying one-shot drone visual filmed in the Lake District with award winning director Joe Connor.

Live Dates: 
25th September         Dot To Dot Festival, Bristol
26th September         Dot To Dot Festival, Nottingham
3rd October            Sound City, Liverpool 
16th October           Live At Leeds 
17th October           Wild Paths Festival, Norwich
13th November          Stag and Dagger Festival, Glasgow
14th November          Stag and Dagger Festival, Edinburgh
30th November          The Lexington, London 
29th November          Green Door Store, Brighton
1st December           The Cluny, Newcastle
3rd December           Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
7th December           Upstairs at Whelan’s, Dublin


GRANT - What's A Woman To You?

Nobody really does pop music like Sweden. And nobody really does it as well as GRANT. Returning with her new single What's a Woman To You?, the introspective reflection on womanhood showcases a power-house in pop sensibilities as it catchy choruses and insatiable rhythms take a hold. Speaking about the new track GRANT explains “We are extremely defined by our choices and are either categorized as strong or broken, seldom indifferent. Women depicted as either madonnas or whores in these incredibly shallow portraits of how they handle struggles in their lives.”    

I feel like a lot of dynamic is lost in pop culture, when selling a brand or an image. Lately I'm thinking the nuances are incredibly interesting, maybe because I’m experiencing them for the first time being in my first long term relationship, but also seeing people around me succumbing to matters of ”forever”: having babies, getting married, keeping a job; fulfilling ideals they used to resent.”    

Everyday life naturally becomes less passionate, and I felt like I was failing somehow. Shedding my youth while still having the needs of a child.  I didn’t realize how much effort and patience went into it, just keeping life together without hurting each other. I have never respected my mother, my sisters and my grandmothers more, for taking on so much responsibility.”    

I’ve had so many wonderful, insightful discussions with these women in my life, family and friends. For the first time I feel a sense of belonging. The kinship that comes from shared experiences. I’m still learning to accept and handle the dynamics of my person and my relationship, and I’m doing it with their help. I’m so thankful.”

Take a listen for yourselves above.


Sunday, 19 September 2021

Margot Polo - Can You Hear Me?

Renown for his insatiably catchy melodies and polished sound, California-based artist Margot Polo returns with another fine slice of indie-pop in latest effort Can You Hear Me?. Speaking about the new single, he goes on to say "I know I'm not unique in feeling this, but 2020 was easily one of the most difficult years of my life. Getting to work out all of the words and music to this song, Can You Hear Me?, was such a wonderfully therapeutic and enjoyable experience. I didn't start doing yoga or learn how to bake sourdough bread, but I got to write, record, produce and mix a song that I'm really proud of and am very excited to share with you!". Built upon its driving percussion and energised guitars certainly comes another stellar effort as its catchy choruses and sprinkled synth-notes take a-hold. Jump right in for yourselves below. 


Friday, 17 September 2021

LARRY PINK THE HUMAN share debut collection ‘M1XTAPE’

Today sees eclectic duo LARRY THE PINK HUMAN share their debut collection entitled 'M1XTAPE' with leading single DO DON’T WILL WON’T. Speaking about the track the pair go on to say "This song is an embrace of our lack of control, Life happens and we are powerless to stop it." The duo – consisting of Laurie Vincent and Jolyon Thomas, make music unlike anything you've ever heard before and is in stark contract to Laurie's previous work in Slaves as electronic synth notes and experimental melodies come together in unified fashion. Take a listen for yourselves below along with a full list of tour dates.

Live Dates
14th Oct…Ramsgate…Music Hall
18th Oct…Brighton…Hope & Ruin (w/Willie J Healey) (Sold Out)
19th Oct…Southampton…The Loft (w/Willie J Healey) (Sold Out)
20th Oct…London…Lafayette (w/Willie J Healey) (Sold Out)
22nd Oct…London…The Lexington (Sold Out)

MARCH 2022
5th March Joiners, Southampton
6th March Patterns, Brighton
9th March Mama Roux’s, Birmingham
11th March YES, Manchester
12th March King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
13th March The Key Club, Leeds
16th March Oslo, London
17th March Forum, Tunbridge Wells


Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Fuzzy Sun - Morning Light

Photo Credit: Matthew Eachus (The Manc Photographer)

Fast rising Stockport four-piece Fuzzy Sun have today returned with their dazzling new single Morning Light. Taken from their new EP, ‘Since The Dog Died’ which will arrive in November, the track sees the outfit once more deliver an energising sound that blends silk smooth vocal harmonies and effervescent melodies. Having been a big fan of the band since their early days it's been great to watch their palette steadily develop over the years and this is some of their finest work to date. Speaking about the track they go on to say “It was the first tune we wrote out of this new bank of material, I suppose it's about feeling lost and at the same time losing a part of yourself whilst trying to figure a way out of your own mental labyrinth. I felt like I'd been trapped in a David Lynch scene and that’s what inspired the tune in the first place.” Sharing further insight in to the EP they continue, “Overall we wanted the EP to work as a continuous piece of music as the overriding narrative arc of each song are tied together. The EP explores themes of depression, longing, disillusionment, hope, and even the philosophical. Lyrically it’s a snapshot of the inside of Kyle's mind at a very specific point in time.” Take a listen to the latest cut Morning Light below.

December 2021 Live Dates: 
1st - Jacaranda, Liverpool 
2nd - Sidney and Matilda, Sheffield 
3rd - The Victoria, Birmingham 
4th - Komedia Studio, Brighton 
5th - Heartbreakers, Southampton 
7th - The Grace, London 
8th - The Louisiana, Bristol 
10th - Academy 2, Manchester

Matilda Cole - Camden

Brighton-based newcomer Matilda Cole has returned today with her stunning new effort, Camden. Written about the demise of her parent's relationship, a traumatic time for anyone to be dealing with, least of all without the added anxiety of the family home being sold, it's soft percussion and slow burning opening pave the way to an endearing coming of age single. "Camden is really just a song about my parents splitting up. a lot changed for me in a year, and watching their relationship deteriorate followed by selling the family home was harder for me to handle than i thought it would be. Camden really sets the tone for the ep, which is a collection of songs about the reality of growing up." Take a listen below.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Frances Baker - Bringing Me Down

As far as debut single's go, Frances Baker hits the nail on the head with her powerhouse pop effort as the newcomer channels darkened infectious melodies and crisp RnB textures to formulate something entirely new and fresh in Bringing Me Down. Frances says: “‘Bringing Me Down’ is the first song I recorded. Self-produced, I started it on Finale Score sequencing software, moved to GarageBand, and finished it in Ableton. This is when Sean (my friend and collaborator) started teaching me about producing, sampling and recording. This song is about leaving a toxic situation, doing what’s best for you. Dancing in mistakes.” Take a listen and get acquainted for yourselves below.

UK Tour Dates (Supporting Arlo Parks)
12 Sept - Village Underground - London
13 Sept - Village Underground - London
14 Sept - Hare and Hounds - Birmingham
16 Sept - Gorilla - Manchester
17 Sept - CHALK - Brighton


Toni Sancho - Survive!

Photo by Melissa Gardner

London via Trinidad based artist Toni Sancho delivers a heartfelt introduction to her music debuting new single Survive!, a track that depicts exiting an unhealthy situation illuminating its exit pathways. Speaking about the track, Toni says: “‘Survive!’ is about recognising when a situation isn’t good for you and having the wisdom to walk away. I started to understand that I had to let that love die so that I could keep going & that there is joy and hope in choosing yourself even when it feels so painful at first.” Take a listen for yourselves below. Survive!’ is out now on Spanish Prayers, an independent label helmed by Cigarettes After Sex.