Wednesday, 25 November 2020

We Are Scientists - Fault Lines

New York indie cult band We Are Scientists have unveiled their brand new video to latest single Fault Lines. In true fashion, the band let us in to a morbid secret exposing the lies on their songwriting process in as comedic fashion as ever. Talking about the making of the video, singer and guitarist Keith Murray explains… “I generally HATE it when bands dress up as kooky characters and do a lot of over-the-top mugging in their videos. That said, to tell this story correctly demanded just that sort of thing from bass-man Chris Cain. Thankfully, Chris is widely acknowledged as one of the funniest and most charismatic people in his field — not just in music, but in entertainment of any kind.” Murray continues, commenting further on bassist Chris Cain’s performance… “I could watch Chris as this producer character for hours, even if the footage weren’t scored by one of the finest songs of this century (our own Fault Lines).  The character is a tasteful amalgamation of every producer we’ve ever studied under. He’s got the well-earned confidence of Ariel Rechtshaid (With Love and Squalor, Brain Thrust Mastery, Barbara), the ineffable cool of Chris Coady (TV En Francais) and the sartorial panache of Max Hart (Helter Seltzer, Megaplex). I begged Chris to green-light a version of the Fault Lines video that was nothing but this producer character, in all his unctuous glory. Sadly for the world, Chris’ modesty won out. The video is still an unparalleled achievement in the filmic arts.” Take a watch for yourselves below.


M. BYRD – MOUNTAIN (Official Music Video)

As far as debuts go, none come quite as refined as M. Byrd's Mountain. The 25 year-old artist now has nearly half a million Spotify streams under his belt and his first single is a clear indication why. Here he returns with the track's official video featuring Danish dancer and choreographer Nana Anine. Set across the stunning landscape of the Atlantic beaches of Normandy, France, the clip perfectly encapsulates the track's elongated melodies and smooth textured guitars to great effect. Take a watch for yourselves below.


Sunday, 22 November 2020

Sam Johnson - Nineteen

Following on from his recent single Changes, singer-songwriter Sam Johnson has unveiled the wonderful Nineteen, taken from his forthcoming brand new EP ‘Are We There Yet?,’ out the 15th January 2021. Switching acoustic guitars for punctuated basslines and dazzling electronics, his latest effort is a no holds barred ode to growing up carefree, living your best life with no regret. Speaking about his new single, he said, "This one is a little more direct than the others. No hidden meaning here. It’s a very literal and biographical throwback to my fairly hedonistic last few years of school. My friends and I seemed far more focused on smoking high grade than we did on getting high grades and it certainly showed in our A level results. Still, they were some of the best days of my life, and this is a regret free ode to them. Interestingly though, I was born in 1995, and certainly not taking my final exams that year. The opening line ‘flash back to ninety-five’ can therefore be seen as a rare example on the EP where I gave myself artistic license to not be entirely honest, but instead allow some ambiguity because I liked the way the line sounded." Take a listen for yourselves below.


Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Hannah Georgas - Pray It Away ft. Matt Berninger

Hannah Georgas returns with a new version of Pray It Away featuring a complementing duet with The National's Matt Berninger. "In a lot of ways, All That Emotion is a personal record," Georgas explains, "but Pray It Away ended up being very collaborative. I co-wrote the song with my producer Aaron Dessner, who sent me an instrumental during the time I was writing and demoing. A close friend of mine inspired the lyrics. She told me over dinner one night that a family member didn’t want to attend her wedding because she was marrying a woman. I wrote the song the next day using the chord progression from Aaron’s demo. It was upsetting to see my friend go through what she was dealing with at a time where she should have been celebrating.While Aaron and I were recording this song together, he mentioned it could be really great to ask Matt Berninger to sing on it. Ironically, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit when we were actually able to follow through with this idea, together. It’s so lovely it all worked out and we were able to make it happen in the end." Take a listen for yourselves below. Georgas' Latest LP 'All That Emotion' is out now On Brassland/Arts & Crafts.

Friday, 13 November 2020

Powfu - when the hospital was my home

Heavily inspired by the 2019 romantic drama film 5 Feet Apart, Powfu returns with his brand new single, when the hospital was my home. Speaking on the song, Powfu explains: “The movie inspired me to write a song from the perspective of someone living in a hospital. When I played it for my dad, he broke down and started crying when he heard the lyrics: ‘i dont wanna let go when we hug, one thing worse than dying is losing who you love’. I knew at that point that this was something special.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


jimi somewhere - In My Car

Norwegian-based artist Jimi Somewhere has returned with his insatiable new single In My Car. Through an emotive blend of synth pad textures and haunting space comes another bittersweet pop song, enriched in auto-tuned finesse. Depicting the age old tale of infatuation, where you're not sure if the other party feels the same, the heated effort serves another fine addition to his impressive catalogue. "In My Car" is lifted off Jimi Somewhere's forthcoming debut LP Nothing Gold Can Stay out February 5th, 2021. Take a listen for yourselves below. 


Thursday, 12 November 2020

Margot - Falling In Between Days

Today sees London's Margot return with their insatiable new single Falling In Between Days. Picking up from where they left off from on 'Walk With Me', the band once more channel their intricate layering of hazy soft guitars and wholesome vocals to great effect. Vocalist Alex Hannaway explains the background to the song:"It's about a mate. It's certainly a tragedy. He's had a hardship of sorts.He's got a life to look forward to, for sure, and so do all of us, but things external, out of his control, took over. He had started to rebuild, to see beyond the internal damp colours, he had a life back. And after losing the comfort of the person he loved, and after coming to terms with all of the pain and the rubble, all the regret, he had a pandemic. Lost job, no soulmate and back living with his family at 27.He dreamed of an ideal life; he dreamt that he could change his circumstances, he fought against a raging brute that cared little for his dreams, for his determination. He just had to sit and wait, sit and wait, and be still with his ambitions.It's about fear, loss, uncertainty, pain, hope and then the recoiling turgid desire for familiarity". Take a listen for yourselves below. Falling In Between Days is set to appear on a forthcoming 7", due for release on Feb 19th via Full Time Hobby.


Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Flyte - I've Got A Girl (Official Video)

Premiered this evening, London-based outfit Flyte have shared their gloriously gory new video to latest single I've Got A Girl. Taking an alternative view on the clich├ęd breakup, the track perfectly depicts the fall out with one's friendship or creative partner. "Where all the other tracks on this record are about a romantic relationship coming to an end, this covers the loss of a creative one. Breaking up with a friend and band member. There’s definitely a bitterness listening back to it, but at its core is the sound of a band completely letting go and having a genuinely cathartic time. We recorded it very late at night and more than a little intoxicated,” explains lead singer Will Taylor. Speaking about the video he goes on to say, “We knew we wanted the video to feel as spiteful as the song itself, and were at pains to make sure the band were the ones under attack - like we were in the middle of a collective anxiety dream. It’s abstract and it’s harrowing. It’s everything a nightmare’s supposed to be”. Take a watch for yourselves below.

Photo: Jan Philipzen