Monday, 14 June 2021

Shelter Boy - Terrace ft. boy pablo

German newcomer Simon Graupner a.k.a. Shelter Boy has recently returned with his new single Terrace ft fellow internet sensation and chilled pop troubadour boy pablo. Coinciding with the news of his debut album ‘Failure Familiar’ which will be available on 10th September via Scruff Of The Neck Records, the track delivers on all accounts of impeccable songwriting, catchy melodies and synth note to die for. Speaking about the pairing in more detail, Graupner said, "When I finished the first verse in the summer, I immediately thought that the combination of the two of us would be a good fit. We talked about it in September, then it took a while, but then his part came - and I think he delivered pretty strong! Nico (boy pablo's real name) put a lot into the track and I'm very, very proud of that." Take a listen for yourselves below with its accompanying video.


Shambolics - Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams

In a time when it's needed more than ever, Scotland's Shambolics return with their uplifting and optimistic new single Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams. Recorded at 7 West Studios and Eggman Studios in the band’s hometown of Fife, it sees the band share hope through nostalgia and heady encouragement across a backdrop of bubbling percussion, catchy guitars and symbolic melodies. “It's essentially a song of hope....a song about the ‘Young Teams’ who want to make it out of the schemes & see what's out there. The artwork to the track is the place where we all first met as teenagers when we were the young team drinking, having a carry on and planning on taking on the world.” Take a listen for yourselves below.


Sunday, 13 June 2021

Inhaler - It Won’t Always Be Like This

Returning ahead of the weekend with their brand new single, Inhaler have shared the title track to their forthcoming new album It Won’t Always Be Like This. What is a re-recorded version of an early single that the Irish rock quartet wrote over four years, the track sees huge guitar layering and infectious vocals take their anthemic sound to a whole new level. “There’s a sense of optimism on this album and the song It Won’t Always Be Like This is the main catalyst for that,” says Hewson. “We kept coming back to that title.” Take a listen for yourselves below: 

September/October 2021
Tues 28th Sept Sheffield Octagon
Weds 29th Sept Leeds 02 Academy
Fri 1st Oct Newcastle 02 Academy
Sat 2nd Oct Birmingham 02 Institute 1
Sun 3rd Oct Bristol 02 Academy 1
Tues 5th Oct Nottingham Rock City
Wed 6th Oct London 02 Forum Kentish Town
Thu 7th Oct Norwich The Nick Rayns LCR, UEA
Sat 9th Oct Liverpool Uni, The Mountford Hall
Sun 10th Oct Glasgow Barrowland
Tues 12th Oct Manchester 02 Ritz

December 2021
Tue 14 Dec - Belfast, Limelight 1
Wed 15 Dec - Limerick, Dolan’s Warehouse
Thu 16 Dec - Cork, Cyprus Avenue
Fri 17 Dec - Killarney, INEC Acoustic Club
Sun 19 Dec - Dublin, Academy
Mon 20 Dec - Dublin, Academy
Tue 21 Dec - Dublin, Academy
Wed 22 Dec – Dublin, Academy

Photo: Lewis Evans

Jake Whiskin - Running On Fumes

Following on from his recent single Heavy, Leeds singer/songwriter Jake Whiskin has returned with his latest effort Running On Fumes. Something I'm sure we've all experienced from time to time as we get burnt out from life, written from the perspective of being thankful for the people who are there to pick you up and dust you down, the track serves as another fine reminder of his insatiable songwriting talents. Speaking about 'Running On Fumes', Jake Whiskin said: "'Running on Fumes'" is pretty much about being thankful for the people who pick you up when you’re feeling down, and acknowledging the strain that can put on them when you’re in that place. I remember going into the studio feeling like that, but it was such an immersive session that it took me out of it. It’s probably the most urgent and direct track on the EP." Take a listen for yourselves below. 


VICTORS - I Could Be Your World

Returning ahead of the weekend, Leeds-based outfit VICTORS unveiled their dazzling new single I Could Be Your World. Having fine-tuned their sound over the years, the trio naturally tap in to luscious 80's ballad territory as their pulsating melodies and disco-ball sound hit with big effect. Taken from the band's forthcoming new project and era, a concept EP depicting the different stages of a relationship, the track gives an exciting insight to what lays ahead. Speaking about 'I Could Be Your World', VICTORS said: "We see ICBYW is a classic ‘VICTORS’ track. We wanted a nod to our older stuff for our earliest, loyalist fans. It’s about the early phases of a romantic relationship. Where all that matters in the world is each other, the obsession and the belief that your love is unique and special and that nothing could ever bring it to an end." Take a listen for yourselves below.


Dopamine - Strange Situation

Brisbane-based indie-rock quartet Dopamine have this weekend shared this infectiously catchy new single Strange Situation. Packed full of hazy guitar layers and fun melodies the track's uplifting nature comes just in time for our sun-kissed summer. Speaking about the track's video lead singer Finley Miller talks about the concept behind ‘Strange Situation’:  “Harley shot the whole video on his super 8 camera. He just followed us around and filmed us while we were hanging out. There is no storyline - we just wanted to keep it as authentic as possible, so the idea was to just hang out and capture what we were doing.” Take a watch/listen for yourselves below.


The Greeting Committee - Can I Leave Me Too?

Ever feel like your life's stuck in a loop, constantly on repeat? Even more so after a break-up? Kansas City-based outfit The Greeting Committee know this all too well as they return with their stunning new single Can I Leave Me Too?. Written after a relationship breakdown, frontwoman Addie Sartino’s beautifully pieced together inner workings bring sense to a still confusing world. “My girlfriend drives a Nissan Rogue, and after we broke up I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing that car,” says Sartino. “I remember thinking, ‘There’s no way there are this many Nissan Rogues in Kansas City’ — but I think that’s a pretty universal thing to have happen when you’re going through a breakup.” Take a listen for yourselves below.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Miranda

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Lunar Vacation - Shrug

Atalanta’s Lunar Vacation have returned today with their stunning new single Shrug. Songwriter Grace Repasky shares, “I look back now and realise that this song was a pivotal moment in delving into self-identity and ultimately identifying as a non-binary person. The more I tried to fit into a box, the more I felt out of place. Reconstructing thinking patterns and unlearning a binary outlook is a lifelong journey, and I think ‘Shrug’ is a documented beginning for me.” Take a listen to the jangly, infectious little number below for yourselves.

Photo credit: Violet Teegardin