Wednesday 20 April 2022

Live Review: The Wombats, Cardiff Motorpoint Arena 16/04/2022

Labelled 'The Hits’ tour, The Wombats certainly left no stone unturned as they took to Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena following a long anticipated wait due to Covid cancellations and rescheduled dates, so it’s safe to say fans in attendance were eager for the night's proceedings.

Promptly arriving on stage at 9pm the band launched in to their catchy new album single’s Flip Me Upside Down and This Car Drives All By Itself. Released earlier this year, the band’s fifth long player 'Fix Yourself, Not the World' served to be a perfect reminder on how they've continued to evolve their sound yet retain their first fleeting steps in to the indie pop world with plenty more bouncy guitar hit melodies and catchy riffs.

Without catching breath singer Matthew Murphy is on the mic shouting “Lets get wild” as the band transported fans back in time with their hugely popular single Moving To New York as arms, hands and just about everything else flailed amongst the flying pint cups.

From here on out the crowd favourites came thick and fast with Cheetah Tongue and Techno Fan making their mark. “This next song is the first of two about Lemons” announced Murphy before he unleashed Pink Lemonade, apologising to the front row in the crowd who had the unfortunate pleasure of inhaling bubbles from their stage design special effects for its duration.

Renown for their highly energetic, explosive indie pop, make no mistake about it, the crowd were treated in abundance as they were taken down memory lane with track’s that had no doubt soundtracked their youth. Almost two decades have passed since The Wombats made their introduction and I’m sure everyone’s lives are far different to how they were back then, but one thing’s for certain, the band’s music has been a casting light throughout. And it’s clear to see this in the adoration fans have for the band as they sing back each and every word at the top of their lungs. 

The glow on their faces want this moment to last forever. Sadly though, all things must come to an end.

Bowing out ahead of their encore with Greek Tragedy the band returned with a dazzling three song finale featuring the profanity driven Method to the Madness with its cutting lyrics. “Fuck our options and fuck the life plan. No more worry, I killed it with both hands” swooned Murphy before its cathartic crescendo.

Last but by no means least, getting the biggest reaction of the evening, Let’s Dance to Joy Division set about tearing off the roof as the crowd bounced around front to back as life sized wombats joined in on stage, all before the night’s final song Turn received the confetti cannon treatment. 

Even after all this time, The Wombats still remain as relevant today as they did almost twenty years ago. And that takes some doing. An ode to their brilliant song writing capabilities. 

The Wombats Played: 

  1. Flip Me Upside Down
  2. This Car Drives All by Itself
  3. Moving to New York
  4. Cheetah Tongue
  5. Give Me a Try
  6. Ready for the High
  7. Techno Fan
  8. Pink Lemonade
  9. Everything I Love Is Going to Die
  10. 1996
  11. Kill the Director
  12. People Don't Change People, Time Does
  13. Jump Into the Fog
  14. Emoticons
  15. Lemon to a Knife Fight
  16. Lethal Combination
  17. Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
  18. If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming with You
  19. Greek Tragedy

  20. Method to the Madness
  21. Let's Dance to Joy Division
  22. Turn

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