Friday 19 February 2010


oioi. I'm finkthast aka DJ nay-kid.

I'm a swansea based dude who loves doing mad shit like sleeping and listening to mad shit.
I'm new to the world of poor mans journalism but i can be terribly articulate wen I try......honest.

Manuel is also from Swansea but now has his pie fingers in Cardiff. He's a deserterr ; )

I guess this blog is his but i'm gonna try my best to make a varied and and interesting contribution to SOS......

As you have probably noticed, Manuel is heavily into his "traditional" and deep Dubstep, melancholic indie fodder and a wee bit of popular futurism, but yet he's just stuck up a Nas post.
I guess this suggests, and i think that this is a thoroughly healthy route to be on, that this blog is just here for the purpose of bringing great new tracks, artists or projects to your attention no matter what the genre. That's certainly where it appears to be and that's wicked because alot of blogs tend to copy each other so hopefully there won't be too much of that but just a constant stream of interesting pieces of work to explore.

Diversity is a bootyfull thing and music in this day and age is as muti-dimensional and accessable as it's ever been. Unfortunatley this often means a shitload get's lost in the quagmire.

We'll bring you a constant stream of shit. Hot shit.
By the way. I like talking "hiphop stylee" byatch!
I mean' only in txt but if u don't get it then checkyo'self and find some classic album lists.
93-98.....swhere i'm coming from.

Hiphop. It's a funny one cos it's sold it's soul many times and lost a large amount of appeal. People have gotten sick of hearing the same old bravado, beef, gimmicks, aggression, mysogeny and autotune gangsta sheeeit, but the grooves, the culture and it's influence live on in many forms.

One of these forms is instrumental based hiphop. That being electronica based intstrumental hiphop.

For some reason, back when a track was constructed by beatsmiths who did tracks for MC's, the method and sounds used were just too predictable and safe to be able to listen to it minus the added rhythmic flow and timbre of a unique voice. Instrumental hiphop was largely regarded as boring. But now we're in the future. Bleeps, glitches and gnarly dubstep inspired basslines have replaced the boombapscratching and a whole bunch of computer based producers have re-installed some of that futuristic swagger or blunt edged trippyness to the genre.

Apparently it's called "wonky" and apparently some of the key playaz in this scene hate that term. TBH , although an obvious term, it makes sense and is non-pretentious. Boxes have always been here and it's almost become a cliche over the last few years for an artist to proclaim they hate "genre tagging"........just a thought?!

Flylo, Bullion, Debruit, Ras G, Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Mike Slott, Samiyam, Paul White, Illumsphere are some of the key names that need to be checked......Defo music for long car journeys for long loud car journeys i reckon.

Two fantastic e.p's that are based around this sound have been released this past week, both on Bristol's Planet MU.

Kuedo aka Jamie Vex'd

and Glasgow's Slugabed

Also this on Manchester's FatCity is pretty dope n'all.

anywho.....get on the trail. Ez all.

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