Saturday 22 May 2010

Klute - Music for prophet LP

Klute - Music for prophet LP by ESPpromo

Firstly I find it a shame that this is the first Klute record I have had the pleasure of hearing. I am not exactly knew to the Drum and Bass scene so how Klute has managed to miss me for so long is an obscenity.

The new release, Due out May 31, 2010 brings a fresh and unique listening experience to Drum & Bass. It seems Klute is far from narrow minded when it comes to productions. This is such a diverse album taking the listener on a journey through House, Techno & Jungle. A breath of fresh air to an ever growing scene. It would seem Klute has the perfect balance between making songs that appeal to everyone, Music for the clubs, Music for the DJ's, Music for the people.

Music for prophet is the sixth full length album from Klute and will be released in a number of formats on his own label 'Commercial Suicide'. A 3 x 12" Vinyl package, 2 Disk CD and in various digital formats with some added extras. Featuring a brilliant collab with Dom & Roland this is set to a be a hit album. Melodic breaks, deep sub driving bass and enchanting pads are all set to make this an emotional record.

Music For Prophet [SUICIDECD008] (2xCD)
1.1 Knowing How to Get There
1.2 Will You Still Love Me?
1.3 Media
1.4 Strange Dinner
1.5 Fool’s Love
1.6 Interlude 1 3_1
1.7 Autumn Stone
1.8 Blackpony
1.9 Make It Stop
1.10 Buy More Now (with Dom & Roland)

2.1 Hypocrite
2.2 Give a Lil Luv
2.3 No Mistake
2.4 Avoiding People
2.5 Melt
2.6 Because You Can
2.7 Pancakes
2.8 3rd Patch
2.9 Bleeding Sun
2.10 Son of Sam

Music For Prophet [SUICIDELP008] (3×12")
a. Knowing How to Get There
b. Autumn Stone
c. Strange Dinner
d. Make It Stop
e. Will You Still Love Me?
f. Buy More Now (with Dom & Roland)

Be on the look out for the album tour branching out over the UK, Europe, US, Australia & New Zealand.

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I guess this leaves me with a lot of back catalogue listening to be getting on with.

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