Thursday 5 August 2010

Motorama - Alps

There's not that many bands I get to listen to coming from Russia so it was great to stumble across Motorama. Residing in the South Westerly region, Rostov-on-Don the band have been producing great music for around 2 years. Taking influence from 80's New Wave and the independent dance scene the group have managed to morph their own unique style.

Their LP 'Alps' is out now!

1 Northern Seaside 3:53
2 Warm Eyelids 4:34
3 Compass 3:12
4 Letter Home 4:10
5 Wind in Her Hair 4:48
6 Ghost 3:48
7 Alps 4:12
8 Ship 3:38
9 There’s No Hunters Here 3:27

Here is the video for their title track 'Alps'. Such a hard hitting track. Immersed me from the off set.

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