Friday 20 August 2010

Rescue Cat - Colours

Rescue Cat - Colours (Eames Remix)

Rescue Cat is far from new to the electro scene. Nor has his music gone unnoticed. It was only in 2008 when Mr Hudson sent out a bulletin on his my space page urging all his fans to check out a feline obsessed electro troubadour from North London known simply as Rescue Cat.

September sees the release of the 'luxury Pop EP'

Taking it’s cue from the sophisticated pop sound of the mid to late 80s, The Luxury Pop EP is aiming for that cinematic, widescreen UK pop sound epitomized by bands such as New Order, Tears For Fears, Scritti Politti, Aztec Camera and Howard Jones to name just a few! Featuring songs about repressed emotions, chess and the breakdown of a relationship, The Luxury Pop EP delivers sometimes dark subject matter coupled with uplifting melodies and stabs of synth and heavy drum machine.

Recorded and mixed at The Square in Hoxton with mix engineer Matt Lawrence (Metropolis and Miloco) The Luxury Pop EP will be released digitally in Sept 2010.

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