Thursday 16 September 2010

Bright Star Catalogue - Science

Bright Star Catalogue - Science

The Bright Star Catalogue developed from various projects that producer Elfed, multi-instrumentalist Bear and singer LadyJK worked on together during 2006-2009.
A shared obsession with electronic music suggested a great basis for an exciting, experimental collaboration and so, surrounded by a collection of analogue synths, noise generators and air-con droids at their warehouse studio in north London, they set to work recording sci-fi soundtracks for imaginary films.
The BSC recording sessions of Summer/autumn '09 were based on a strict manifesto that prohibited the use of digital and 'plug-in' keyboards and avoided the use of cut & paste sequencing techniques in favour of hand played parts and manually triggered arpeggios, influenced by music of the Radiophonic Workshop and John Carpenter.
After a short break to allow time for individual collaborations and solo projects, the BSC have scheduled studio time during Summer 2010 to develop new material and a much anticipated live dimension, which will see the studio project take to the stage for the first time!
Almost reminiscing of the early 90s trance records (don’t let that put you off!) think Eye Q, Metropolitan, Platipus, but with a twist of a epic disco synth breakdown....

Bright Star Catalogue have also been announced as the music providers for 3 up and coming dates hosted by Super/Collider who put on a monthly night at The Book Club in Shoreditch called Science Fair™. Super/Collider basically do creative science stuff – magazines, nights, fieldtrips, books, collaborations etc.

20th September – Dinosaurs
18th October – Asteroids & Space Mining
15th November – Material World (future materials)

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