Monday 15 November 2010

On Volcano - New Blood EP

On Volcano - Acceleration of Heartbeat

Once again Finland outdoes itself with such amazing beauty. This time its a band called 'On Volcano'. Since getting in touch with me over the weekend their EP 'New Blood' is all I have seemed to be listening to.
Every so often a band comes along that have managed to create, What I would call to be indescribable musical genius.

There is so much music available today that bands are often overlooked. Anybody can make sounds, I find few can make music articulated in such a way that it effects your emotions, and isn't that what it's all about. A way of expressing. I understand that one mans gold is another mans dirt but I think everyone can admire something that has been artistically created and well designed. And that is exactly what On Volcano have done here.

The four piece from Tampere have released their new EP for free so make sure you head on over to their website now to download.

Really looking forward to hearing more music from them in the not so distant future!

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