Wednesday 15 December 2010

Chapel Club - Wintering EP

Chapel Club - Telluride

A few listens in to the EP and it grows and grows. I don't know who the female singer is on Telluride but she adds a special touch to an already brilliantly crafted song.
The whole EP seems to be a journey of hope and despair.A new path by the band maybe? The whole sound seems to have slowed down to a more melodic tempo creating emotion and passion. Strong lyrics and hazy guitars fill the listening space to create a dark and atmospheric environment. Sounding very White Lies. Melodramatic rock/indie at its best.

Unfortunately I cannot comment on if the EP will be made for a public sale. It was originally a one off made for sale at one of their shows. It would be a shame though for this not to get an official release.At least we have the debut album to look forward to in the new year at some point.

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