Thursday 17 March 2011

Afterlife Parade - Death

Afterlife Parade - Nothing But Love Can Stay
 "I couldn't recall if I had ever heard any songs about death that were triumphant and celebratory,” he explains. “So I made it my mission to write one.”

That initial inspiration became a verse. The verse became a song. The song would eventually take Erwin in an unexpected direction entirely, launching the creation of a band.
Afterlife Parade's 'Death' is an album that forms a whole new attitude towards the subject. Even though it touches on the darker side the lyrics symbolise a more triumphant and victorious understanding of the matter leaving the listener at ease in a sense of calm. Released earlier this year Quinn Erwin (Afterlife Parade) is already at work to release the follow up 'Rebirth'. A more upbeat soulful electronic record. Looking forward.


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