Friday 1 April 2011

The Friend - Athletic Girls

The Friend - New Berlin Wall


01. Yo-Yo Innuendo (3:14)
02. Streets Call (4:07)
03. New Berlin Wall (3:41)
04. Back to Quitting (3:25)
05. This Hour (3:33)
06. Kayak (5:13)
07. Even on Saturday (2:59)
08. Over the Top (3:26)
09. Rub it in/out (5:20)
10. Loving Reactor on the Moon (5:10)

The Finish music scene is currently bursting with fresh and exciting bands. 'The Friend' being one of them. Residing in Turku the 4 piece have strong beliefs in releasing music that makes us smile and feel happy inside and they sure achieve this! 
Their debut album 'Athletic Girls' is a prime example and a much needed dose of uplifting goodness that the world needs. If it's catchy you want then catchy you shall get. The first single released from the album 'New Berlin Wall' has been pleasantly humming away in my head for days now. A brilliant get up and dance track allowing Anders Vuorimaa's vocal skills to really shine through. A rhythmic masterpiece. Other stand out tracks for me; The impressive Yo-Yo Innuendo. A great introduction to the album with its upbeat guitars and pop influenced vocals. The slightly slower 'Kayak' with its intelligent indie rock feel . And 'Even on Saturday' bringing an excellent amount groove to the record.

All in all a thorough effort from Finland's The Friend. Head on over to their website now to purchase the album and to check out their up and coming live dates. The video for 'New Berlin Wall' can be found below:

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