Monday 13 June 2011


mp3 || Family - Baba
So last Thursday I went to see Wu Lyf, and as I was attending on my own my plan was to miss the support act and get there just in time for Wu Lyf to take the stage. Fortunately for me the start time printed on my ticket was ahead of the actual start time at the venue or I would have missed the wonder that is Family. Sometimes seeing a band not knowing what to expect is always the best. With no expectations to live up to they can totally blow you away. And I was surely taken aback by Family's impressive ability to create ambiance with such power. Their soft acoustical music backed with the loud vocals and heavy drums create a lasting musical experience. Running a music blog sometimes you can spend months searching for new talent and then out of the blue new talent finds you. I hope the band have some releases planned. For now check my favourite track 'Ava' below and more over on their Bandcamp page.

Stream: Family | Ava


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