Wednesday 31 August 2011

Active Child | You Are All I See [Review]

mp3 || Active Child - Hanging On

So it was back in July this year I first remember hearing 'Playing House' which featured How To Dress Well. And as much as I loved it for some reason I was reluctant to give the album a listen. Maybe I was just getting fed up of all these 'blog bands' that release mediocre albums off the back of one good single. Maybe I was just being lazy (like it takes a lot of effort anyway to listen to an album). Whatever my reasons I finally got around to listening to the record today and I am actually finding it hard to put in to words how amazed I am. You Are All I See is one of the most beautiful albums I have heard this year. Well and truly powerful.

Each and every one of the 10 tracks featured are vastly unique. Very few artists seem to be able to create as much space and serenity in their compositions yet retain all the energy and joyous soul as Pat Grossi achieves throughout his debut. The hauntingly beautiful vocals and harp glissando combinations are truly second to none. Add to the mix strong influences in R&B, Electronica and the whole post-dubstep movement and you have a perfect balance of elegance & calm with an empowering organic sound.

The album You Are All I See was released August 23rd and can be bought now form the usual sites in physical and digital form. Don't wait around as long as I did!

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