Thursday 29 September 2011

Ray Vendetta | Warpspeed Ahead Ft. Floating points [Video]

Warpspeed Ahead is the brilliantly deep and haunting new track from Ray Vendetta taken from his forthcoming EP entitled 'Guess who's coming to dinner' set for release next month.

I won't lie I didn't know too much about Ray Vendetta before being sent this link which is a shame really. After a little digging I've learned he is affiliated with the Triple Darkness family. One of my favourite UKHH collectives. And it only feels right. The signature dark lyrics with sampled pianos and rolling deep breaks make for a truly chilling experience. Produced by Hey!Zeus and featuring Floating Points playing some chords on the intro. Really can't wait to hear the new EP. I should learn keep more up to date with the Hip Hop scene.


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