Wednesday 12 October 2011

Big Deal | Live: Buffalo Bar Cardiff Review

Last night I was fortunate and lucky enough to finally get the opportunity to catch Big Deal live. After falling in love with their debut album 'Lights Out' and reading various raving reviews of their live performance I was more than looking forward to experience the phenomena for myself, and I was not disappointed.

It was really refreshing to hear a band perform live just as they do on record especially in today's era of over used studio effects that totally change the way a band sounds. Alice Costelloe & Kacey Underwood harmonious voices continued to echo across their signature style guitar playing just where the album left off.

A rather intimate affair. And in their uniquely bashful/cut off from society type way the duo swooned through their set whilst staring longingly down at their feet....Only facing upwards to check that the quiet Cardiff crowd was still in presence. I wasn't too sure how their minimalistic stripped down music would work live although it was more effective than I could have thought. Impressive and emotionally powerful.

As much as I couldn't get the likeliness of Slow Club out of my head it was a brilliant performance. Two genuine people making genuine music. A great and highly recommended to see live duo.


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