Wednesday 7 December 2011

Jonquil | It's My Part

March 5th 2012 seems like I long way off. And now it's going to take even longer to come after hearing the amazing 'It's My Part' taken from the forthcoming album 'Point of Go'. Already a massive fan of Hugo Manuel's solo work under moniker Chad Valley Jonquil provide a more than adequate fix of upbeat soul lifting music. Super tight percussion and skippy guitars melt in to the ever so smooth vocal capability of Hugo. So excited for the new album.

1. Swells
2. Getaway
3. It's My Part
4. Point Of Go (Part 1)
5. Point Of Go (Part 2)
6. Run
7. This Innocent
8. Real Cold
9. Mexico (posted back in August)
10. History Of Headaches


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