Thursday 22 December 2011

Youth Lagoon | Goodbye Again (John Denver Cover)

mp3 || YL - Goodbye Again (John Denver Cover)


So here is my top 50 records of the year....Only kidding. I'm sure your all bored enough of seeing lists with the same records again and again.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who has viewed my blog over the past year or so and I hope you have enjoyed some great music! It's been great watching my fan base grow and I can only hope it continues next year so I can share even more great music.

I wish to say apologies to any unanswered emails as of late. Christmas is normally a stressful time and running this blog single handedly whilst juggling University work can sometimes mean I get very busy. Having my arm in a cast for 3 weeks with a suspected wrist fracture also didn't help.

I  hope everyone has a great Christmas/New Year. I'll continue to post up until Christmas Eve but will take a short break till after New Year when I hope to return to more regular updates.

Peace & Love, Matt x

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