Friday 6 January 2012

fthrsn | I'm Alone Child

mp3 || fthrsn - I'm Alone Child

I really do love all the music that I post. And that's why I post it. But sometimes I am graced with that special sound that words cannot describe. A song that makes me smile from ear to ear for no apparent reason other than being totally awesome.

fthrsn is that special something.

Macklin Underdown's dreamy vocals manage to drift simultaneously in and out of consciousness with the swinging side stick hits. A soulful drone of electronic haze that stays organic and energetic throughout. Constantly progressing over changing tempos 'I'm Alone Child' truly develops and blossoms in to an infectious array of what all bedroom synth pop should be about.

Sadly 'I'm Alone Child' didn't make the final cut of the debut Hysteria EP but for extra warm fuzzy fthrsn goodness I highly recommend you checking it out. Available to purchase now for a 'name your price' by clicking here via Speaker Snacks Records.


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