Tuesday 17 January 2012

Tennis | Young And Old Album Review

Upon first listen it is evidently clear that the band have matured since their first album. Released February 13th via ATP is the brilliantly fresh 'Young & Old' the follow up to Cape Dory. Silk smooth as always the bedroom project has developed in to a complete band creating a much fuller sound. A grand mix of doo wop/surf style instrumentation drives the album onwards and upwards. Whilst some tracks such as Petition & Take Me To Heaven take a while to develop the album as a whole carries the complete warmth and charm we have grown to love.

01. It All Feels The Same
02. Origins
03. My Better Self
04. Traveling
05. Petition
06. Robin
07. High Road
08. Dreaming
09. Take Me To Heaven
10. Never To Part

The single 'Origins' is available now via itunes.


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