Thursday 19 April 2012

No Ceremony /// | Alt-J & Zulu Winter Remixes

The mysterious Manchester based collective returns with not one but two excellently delicate remixes. In the lead up to their vinyl release Heartbreaker featuring the Pixies' very own Joey Santiago on guitar the group offer up two remixes for free download. Heartbreaker is available to pre-order now by clicking here. Released 14/05/2012.

First up is their take on Alt-J's Breezeblocks. Hauntingly rhythmical shifts give way to No Ceremony's more peaceful side taking full advantage of the internal space within Alt-J's compositions. Complimented throughout with deep driving synths and percussion No Ceremony prove once again that their diverse talent is unrivalled.

The second remix comes courtesy of Zulu Winter's Silver Tongue. More fragile in texture yet equally as prevailing. Its obsessive charm glistens with intent. Their captivating hi hats echo their ghostly magnetism throughout.Trying to make use of such open space within a track is often a difficult area to work with yet No Ceremony manage to fill out the song competently with their unique seductive attraction. Grab both remixes now for free while you can!


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