Monday 23 April 2012

Reptar | Body Faucet Album Stream

So after waiting what seems like an entirety Reptar's full album is available to stream now on YouTube. I have to say it's a first seeing an album streamed this way for myself but it seems to work, A cool concept and the layout looks great.

As for the album. Well, it's surely rating high for me. Playful vibes throughout and definitely a very strong contender for album of the summer. It's a shame the weather has been totally abysmal here all day and is set to continue all week. But with songs like Please Don't Kill Me & Orifice Origami it'll surely help clear the rain clouds, even if in my imaginary world only. Beautifully crafted with exquisite taste and melody their skippy guitars and rolling percussion drive forward feelings of self content and joyful happiness.

Longboat Babies' drawn out subtle tones really catch me off guard. Its slower tempo builds upon layers of synth and percussion with killer breakdowns truly making it mesmerising.

Other stand out tracks for me, New House, Delicate in nature and powerful in energy. A bewitching driving nature. And Water Runs. Packed full of wholesome anthem vibes.

On a whole, one of the best feel good albums I have heard in a while. 9/10.
Available to purchase May 1 via iTunes & CD/Vinyl

Free download of Orifice Origami here.


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