Monday 7 May 2012

The Hubbards | Bedbugs

Stream || The Hubbards - Bedbugs

Hull band The Hubbards are set to release their new single Bedbugs on May 21st. With so many bands emerging from the UK standing out and above the others is becoming harder and harder. With straight cut indie becoming a staple diet for me for a few years now it has got to a stage where I am no longer impressed by generic bands forming and releasing somewhat mediocre music. That's why I like The Hubbards. It wasn't until my 30th or so listen that I realised....That I've just listened to the same song for 30+ times.
"And I'm terrified you're gonna leave me, But I never wanted you to see me". 
A powerful driving nature with emotionally felt lyrics delivered in a unique and evolving style. Something that I have come to appreciate over the years is production and this song has high value. A fantastic effort which truly shows in their vibrant yet mature attitude echoing throughout the single. Be sure to check the video below directed by Dan Saul. Hopefully more great music to come.


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