Monday 14 May 2012

The Rest | SEESAW Review


mp3 || The Rest - Laughing Yearning

So June 19th is the date the world will finally get to hear the mammoth effort that is SEESAW via AuteurRecordings. And a mammoth effort it is. Not to mention the sad death of their good friend and producer of album one and two who passed away suddenly the band were further hindered by a hard drive glitch that erased almost all traces of the mixed and recorded album tracks. It looked like the album would never see the light of day until it finally found its way in to the hands of the company responsible for recovering data from aeroplane black box's. Incredibly the album was back. Not once did The Rest give up hope. And it's for this I am grateful that their amazing music will finally be heard.

Beautifully moving and emotionally deep the album flows in an effortless manner creating swells of energetic rhythm and orchestral openness. Harmoniously rich and perceptively related to the bands core ethics the album is a true stand to modern day music.
The title track Who Knows sets the pace for the record with its percussive charm and affectionate lyrics which form a breathtaking companionship. And it's songs like Could Be Sleeping that truly show Adam Bentley's voice in its most emotionally powerful form. Reverb drenched and utterly devouring it's a strong favourite.

Familiar tracks such as Always on my Mind & The Last Day have unconditionally found their place amongst the other songs on the album.
Rounding up the record with tracks such as The Lodger and Slumber the band have continually proved they have an uncanny ability at producing mesmerising intrinsic soft mellow pop. Truly making use of the spacial intelligibility amongst their compositions.

Overall a very strong contender for album of the year. Be sure to check out their video below for Always on my Mind (Live) featuring over 30 people. It sure is something special.
In addition the band will be releasing a song to stream from the album every week in the lead up to the release date on June 19th. Be sure to tune in here.


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