Thursday 3 May 2012

Tango in the Attic | Mona Lisa Overdrive

mp3 || Tango in the Attic | Mona Lisa Overdrive

So, here I am, writing reviews about music instead of writing my final ever assignments for Uni. But when the music is this good I can't resist.

Tango in the Attic return to our stereos on May 28th with their follow up album Sellotape. So far we've had Swimming Pool & Paw Prints. And now it's the turn of Mona Lisa Overdrive. Fans of the debut album will be pleased to know this is the same Tango in the Attic they fell in love with. With a more mature moulding to their music they still retain the glisten and spark that portrays their attitude fully. Discrete tempo changes and beautiful guitar switch ups truly makes for a fantastically energetic, dreamt out. indie pop masterpiece.

Super looking forward to the album!


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