Friday 6 July 2012

PEERS | Nightdriving

So PEERS finally return with some new music. It really has felt like an eternity since the Berkshire four-piece released their single 'Football' upon us. So much so in fact I was beginning to think maybe they've called it a day. Thankfully not! With their new music sounding less like Eagulls and more in the vein of bands such as Swim Deep and Peace (Who I might add [Peace] are a bunch of, excuse the French, mummy and daddy fuckwit dick heads) maybe the band are appealing to a different audience. They sound unequivocally more mature and retain their wholesome energy that echos through their music. And even though their sound may have mellowed a little from previous material the band still divulge their devotion and charm with emotive melodies and highly distinct, captivating vocals. More playful and fresh PEERS come with an unrivaled vibrant desirability. With songwriting capabilities as dynamic and forceful as theirs I really hope they make something with their new direction. Hopefully an album is not too far off! PEERS, Back bigger and better than ever!


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