Tuesday 31 July 2012

SoftSpot | Disciple Fix

You could say it's music like this that restores my faith in running my own blog. I'm not saying that starting this blog was a bad decision but running something like this single handedly often results in a lot of hours spent writing posts like these. But I've come to realise after reading through countless emails and messages light does shine through in many places. Music such as Disciple Fix creates that longing I have lived for. Aspirational and captivating in its own melodramatic way.

The Brooklyn duo are about to ready their debut album Enso for a 9/4 release. (Digitally on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify and physically at shows, on tour and through personal mail order).

Whilst remaining a rather intimate affair Disciple Fix offers up it's vulnerability throughout with soft intertwining vocals that tell a story over driving explosive percussion. As the band put it, 'A cosmic apparition calling a misguided population to reason'.

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