Sunday 19 August 2012

Bon Iver | Beth/Rest (Work Drugs Remix)

It's weird how times & tastes change. I used to feed my dog the broccoli my mum cooked under the table when I was a kid. Now I can't get enough of the stuff. The same goes for peas. Never would have I pictured myself actively buying frozen peas 10 years ago. Tastes do change though and they don't stop with just food. Beth/Rest used to be my least favourite song off the recent Bon Iver album yet after hearing it here completely changed my view and it quickly became my favourite.

Here Work Drugs offer their take on Vernon's rather 80's inspired jazzed up Beth/Rest. Taking his signature style Work Drugs open up the track in to a somewhat musical treasure chest of warming grooves and deeply pleasing funk. Exquisitely re-worked Beth/Rest continues to breathe life in to the musical world, this time with a more jazzed up appeal. And to think the Philadelphia duo have managed to do all this using a 10 year old Packard Bell found along the roadside. Skillz.

Vote for the remix here if you dig!



  1. Have you heard "Lost in the World" by Bon Iver and Kanye West? I'm not a huge Kanye fan but that song is really good.

  2. I must be the same as you with Kanye too. Never realy got in to him but that track is great :) I was going to say it reminds me of his track 'woods' but then I realised it's the same lyrics just a bit more autotuned ha. Woops!


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