Friday 14 September 2012

Ricky Eat Acid + Arrange | Sketches

Maybe I should be posting some party anthems being a Friday night and all but I say fuck society. Ricky Eat Acid + Arrange's new EP Sketches is just what my appetite craves. This music hits hard. Malcom Lacey's (Arrange) vocals float like a ghostly charm across the icy sharp synths and percussion. The whole EP demonstrates the duo's dynamic production capabilities with sublime piano's and guitar sending echoes of delightfulness and magnetism through my heart. Painstakingly beautiful to say the least. Originally planned as a full album a glitch in technology meant the project was put on hold for a while. Thankfully 4 tracks were salvaged and put together for this release. Artwork via Ricky Eat Acid, More available here. You can download the EP for a name your price via Bandcamp.


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