Sunday 30 September 2012

Scams | Add & Subtract Review

 //   1. Be a Gentleman   //   2. Colouring   //   3. Pyramids   //   4. Lucky Day   //   5. Lifeboats    //
//   6. It's War   //   7. Jessica's Drawn That Way   ///   8. Compliments   //   
//   9. Sound and Vision   //   10. There Is No Shame in Revenge   //

October 8th 2012 sees Scams release their delectable new album 'Add & Subtract' via Devil Duck Records. As we already know Scams are diverse in nature and talent. So kicking off the record with the guitar heavy Be A Gentleman is a good enough way as any to set the tone for the rest of the album. Lead singer Andy Morgan's vocals remain gripping and ineffable making great use of the stripped back silences that occur throughout.Whilst songs like Colouring, Lucky Day and Sound And Vision show the bands maturity with moody bass lines and pensive lyrics it's Pyramids's soft delicate guitars forming a bursting companionship with the blissful percussion that lift this albums spirit. Developing in to a swaying charmer with bewitching harmonies the ending becomes nothing short of amazing. Explosive Indie-Pop blow after blow.
Lifeboats, my favourite from the album, is another fine example of the bands ability to create such mind numbingly gorgeous melodies. With a summery vibe the tracks jangly guitars remain uplifting in energy and congruence. A beautiful mix of percussion, vocal harmonies and samples.

Delightful piano keys glisten throughout It's War's duration. A powerful arrangement of burning desire and aspiration, It's vigorous nature and urgency make you can't help but smile. (Plus hand clapping in songs is so underrated).

Jessica's Drawn That Way is another gem nestled with ever changing developments leaning away from typical song structures of identical intro/outro's. Drifting effortlessly in to Compliments the up beat nature is resumed once again. Energetic drums set the back drop for the guitars and vocals to intertwine leaving behind a legacy of fun filled pop anthems.
Rounding up the album is There Is No Shame In Revenge. Alluring and tantalising its quiet charm builds in a subtle way to catch you off guard. Before you know it you're drenched in the bands enthralling instrumentation.

All in all a fantastic album truly embracing the bands care-free Indie charm. Already receiving great acclaim from BBC Radio 1 & XFM Radio and supporting such acts as Azure Ray and Frankie and The Heartstrings the band have come along way and will hopefully continue down this same path on to bigger and better things.



  1. Really interesting band here. It's getting pretty difficult to find any decent indie music about these days after the blast of the late 90's. Thanks for the info. I look forward to hearing more from this lot

  2. I totally know what you mean. Especially with so much music around today a lot of the good stuff sadly gets swamped.Interesting blog too! I studied Sound Technology myself so have a keen interest in all things realted to your posts! Keep it up.


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