Monday 8 October 2012

To Kill A King | Howling (Official Video)

Always ones for natural talent To Kill A King return with a brand new video for Howling (taken from their Word of Mouth EP). Directed by the bands very own Ben Jackson the video sees Ralph Pelleymounter sit still for over 30 hours whilst more than 3000 photos are taken. The result is this excelling stop motion masterpiece.
"The first sitting was tough because we started at 3 in the morning and worked until 1 the next day." says Ralph "In the second I had to sit still while the others got to play guitar and Xbox all day. And in the third I had to concentrate on not moving while a bunch of my mates got drunk behind me. I was glad when we'd finished. It took its toll."
Howling can be downloaded for free along with the rest of the EP here


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