Thursday 22 November 2012

Bipolar Sunshine | Fire

Maybe I'm just ruthless when it comes to new music or maybe it's just pure intuition but I can usually judge form the opening few bars whether something is for me or not. My problem starts when many musicians hold the ability to produce an exciting intro. Once hooked, I'll usually spend the rest of the song's duration muttering 'Please don't mess this up, please don't mess this up' and sadly many songs fall flat on my first impressions. Rather apprehensively this just so happened to be the same process I ran when first listening to Bipolar Sunshine, the solo project helmed by Manchester's Adio Marchant. Thankfully Adio's music just got better and better and there was no stark revelation mid way through that ruined the song. Anyone can make an exciting intro. It takes real talent to be able to carry its momentum through for the full length.

Fire is one of those special tracks that captivate a musicians raw feelings and emotions on record and conveys them in a true heartfelt style to the listener. Orchestral style backing vocals build in a sea of beauty whilst an audio recording from the Notebook plays in the background. All adding to the motions as Adio switches between softly sung vocals and spoken word poetry. It's one of those songs that has the ability to find light in the darkest of tunnels. A comforting alleviation from the pain and torment of a love falling apart. It's getting to hear music like this that really makes writing a blog all worthwhile.

Be sure to check out his other songs here. All of equal calibre.
In addition, Manchester producers KEE & Bad Osiris have an energetic rework of Blossoms here for free download.

Live dates: Soup Kitchen, Manchester – 1st December


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