Thursday 29 November 2012

Stand Up Against Heart Crime | Stand Up Against Heart Crime

01.Birth     02. I Need No Sun     03. Am I Safe     04. Mental     05. Standing Outside     06. Children 07. Young     08. Joy     09. Welcome Party Sharks     10. Pulsar

As far as debut albums go Stand Up Against Heart Crime's self titled record truly pushes the boundaries of contemporary electronic music. Spanning from New Wave to Synth Pop the Spanish 5 piece have been hard at work conjuring up their experimental blend of 80's inspired vanguard electronica. Released on 10th December the album will see the band step from their analogue world in to a whole new light.

Kicking things off is the appropriately titled Birth which eases you in with its uplifting silk smooth touch. Blended in effortlessly, I Need No Sun, is our first taste of Josep Xortó's vocals which show testament to the bands ambient landscapes. With uplifting arppegiated synths the track whistles and twirls becoming a backdrop for its psychedelic nature. Am I Safe, my favourite from the album, will be sure to dance its way in to your heart. A fine example of the bands ability to turn pain and turmoil in to uplifting melodies. A sad true story about a man who walked in to a tree and became blind, the delicate charm of dainty synths and swooping guitars begin to make up for ones hurting in the world. The albums roller coaster nature becomes apparent on the next track. Sweeping from uplifting melodies to Mental's more serious presence the vibe becomes moody and reflective. And there's no letting up before you're hurtled in to Standing Outside. Layers of synths in an ocean of noise that weave and intertwine to form a mesmerising hypnotic attraction.

A strong personal vehemence runs throughout the album with tracks like Children and Joy. An intimate journey in to the life of lead singer Josep. Being able to relate strongly to Joy's awakening to reality its soulful energy brings light to situations where you often feel left in the dark. The high life of partying is often met with big comedowns and it's songs like this that help you piece together your minds integral path.

The penultimate track on the record, Welcome Party Sharks, returns to the bands more upbeat vigour. Bursts of euphoria as the band once again display how effortlessly they can create their concoction of harmonies with a chorus sounding somewhat reminiscent of Berlin's Indie group I Heart Sharks.
Rounded up with Pulsar, an instrumental power blast of psychedelia the 5 piece from Barcelona have shown in true style how minimalistic New Wave music can be brought forward from yesteryear in to the modern age as crisp and vibrant as it was intended.

Now I don't want to bring up the whole debate of which sounds better, analogue or digital, but with the album being entirely self-produced in their own fully analogue recording studio I think it's clear to see, or rather hear the warmth and depth this record has to offer. 8/10

Release Date: 10th December 2012     ///     Format: Digital     ///     Label: TAPE/Discos Caiman


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