Tuesday 15 January 2013

Houses | Beginnings

When I first heard Houses's 'Soak It Up' a few years ago I knew I was on to something good. Their fantastic use of harmonies and melodic synths had cast a vision of new light in to my life and I've felt compelled to recommend them to every new person I have met since. After getting laid off Dexter Tortoriello and his partner Megan Messina moved to a tiny cabin in remote Papaikou, Hawaii where they worked for their meals during the day, drinking/showering & cooking with rain water, and powering their equipment with the use of solar power. The result? Their debut album All Night.

The second record has felt like a lifetime coming but there seems to finally be movement in the Houses camp. Stream the opening track above taken from A Quiet Darkness due for release April 16th. A darker and more empowering nature seems to be their new direction (one of which I love) yet retaining their ethereal blissfulness. If this new track isn't enough check out a delightful album teaser below set to a beautifully fitting video of what I gather to be Dexter out capturing Field recordings to sample for the forthcoming record.


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