Thursday 31 January 2013

The 1975 | Bristol Exhange 30/01/13 Live Review

Little would anyone think when they walked in to the main room of Bristol's Exchange last night that the band about to take the stage was still yet to release an album let alone having only been on the scene for less than a year under the moniker 'The 1975'. There was a definite buzz in the air from the crowd that occupied the floor front to back edged on by the warmth and sweat in the air, eagerly anticipating the lengthy wait for the band to take to the stage for their Bristol debut.

When the Manchester four-piece finally emerged to a warmly received welcome it was clearly evident the band know where they're at both musically and psychologically as their confidence seeps through to their playing ability. This is a band who sound exactly the same live as they do on record, a true testament to modern day music. In a scene filled up with overly reverbed vocals doused in effects it's nice to hear something raw and natural, shining with real emotions. And that is exactly how The 1975 are portrayed this evening.
With the band seeming genuinely happy to be playing the music we have grown to love so quickly they can't help but thank the crowd profusely. It doesn't take long for the audience to pick up on this radiance and with no encouragement needed their bopping and swaying in an enthusiastic manner in no time. 

As the band energetically move through their set list playing such classics like The City from their collection of EP's it's nice to see their unreleased (possibly album worthy) track She Way Out receiving equal praise. Their unique swirl of guitars and synth loops becoming instantaneously recognisable throughout their music.
Playing through some of their lesser known but equally exciting tracks such as Milk the band showcase their strength to strength progression with the delectably funky and rhythmatic Chocolate. Forthcoming on their Music For Cars EP, the crowd are treated to its delightfully angular melodies and feel good infusions that echo throughout the compact venue.

They soon move on to the biggest crowd pleaser of the night, Sex. Matty's raw voice sounding even more prominent live in this intimate setting. The crowd seem oblivious to their surroundings as they're totally engrossed in the groove of grungy guitars and teenage angst lyrics. And there seems there's no letting up before we're hurtled in to You. Granted, a little more melodic, with its calming intro that rightfully allows the crowd to catch their breath, but it's not long before the energy builds once again and Matty's falsetto shouted vocal style pushes him to his boundaries as the track bows out. 

After a slight technical allowing the band to incorporate an impromptu Q&A session midway through whilst they change over some cables we get to see the their more light-hearted side through some friendly banter. It's at this point lead singer Matty announces he'll be performing his first solo performance of the tour. As the band take a back seat Matty takes to the spotlight to play a heartfelt rendition of Woman from their Facedown EP. Its sincerity and delicate silence only broken by the crunching of bottles beneath peoples feet as they sway to its beautiful nature. A definitive insight in to the bands more vulnerable side beneath their ladish charm.

All in all The 1975 are one brilliant example of how music should be played live. Packed full of youthful vigour and a distinct aura that creates a pulling sense of allurement, their joyful harmonies go a long way in creating lasting memories. Introduce to the mix their ability at transcribing Sigur Ros/Boards of Canada influenced ambience to their music, their diversity goes even further. 

With a debut album due for release this summer and an extensive tour underway there's no questioning that The 1975 are sure to blow up larger than anyone could have anticipated. This is a band who know exactly what they want and aren't prepared to stop until they get it. Their headline tour continues with tickets available here.

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