Wednesday 27 February 2013

Rush Midnight | Don't Give Me Your Love

Russ Manning sure has a way with steamy chords and silky smooth rhythmical changes. Donning the moniker Rush Midnight he carves his may through uplifting harmonics and sexy basslines that ooze with a sense of urgency. Continuing where he left off from his previous endeavour (+1 EP) Rush Midnight returns with 'Don't Give Me Your Love'. A fiery blend of sensuous vocals and forwardly driven synths that ebb with a definitive exigency.

It's safe to say Cascine have become pretty synonymous over the years for releasing quality records time and time again and it looks like they're showing no signs of stopping with this latest effort. It does sadly looks like a long wait until the debut album from Manning (fall 2014), so in the meantime enjoy the stream above and be sure to pick up his +1 EP from iTunes here.


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