Friday 29 March 2013

Deaths | Karaoke Blues

It would seem the old Cliché of being able to find what you want most when you're least searching runs true in the case of Deaths. Running a blog, you can spend hours and hours searching Soundcloud, fellow music blogs and various other places looking for sufficient music to post to no avail. Then, when you least expect, you stumble upon golden gems like this. With 'Karaoke Blues' forming the debut single and the promise of an EP in the works things can only get better for the mysterious project that is Deaths.
Expect saporous vocals that retort an unconditional drive forward. Add to the mix an amalgam of tight basslines and percussion and you're on to a winner. With delicate keys adding a subtle, dainty touch to its dreamy, 80's inspired vibe an elegant display of desire and aspiration showcases a stellar effort, one of which I can only hope there's more of.

Check out the fantastic cinematic video above directed by Igor Bruso.


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