Friday 19 April 2013

Introducing: Climbing Boys

This gloomy pop track sports irresistibly catchy guitar riffs and hazy melodramatic vocals that rival the likes of Brad Hargett of The Crystal Stilts, with the addition of dreamy harmonies throughout ‘The Firing squad’ makes for beautiful listening – 3mins 29secs of life you wont regret spending with Climbing Boys.

Bringing up the tempo, ‘Symbolic head’ takes a Post-Punk inspired approach, Tom Salo still holds on to his mesmerisingly moody vocals whilst whirling percussion leads the way carrying along a fulfilling and punchy bass line. Climbing Boys have just released their first EP titled ‘Take The floor’ consisting of 5 tracks, all of which rightfully deserving a listen, personally Bone House is my stand out favourite – please get it on soundcloud now!

The band have live shows planned for June so keep a close check for dates and venues in the near future. The EP can be purchased on iTunes here:


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