Friday 19 April 2013

Is Tropical | Dancing Anymore (Official Video)

So who remembers Megaforce's last efforts for Is Tropical's 'The Greeks'? Well it looks like their back on directing duties once more for their latest single Dancing Anymore. You can familiarise yourself here as the new video is said to be a loosely based follow up where the boy's attentions have shifted from weaponry to the female variety. Definitely not ones for conformity, the video is weird to say the least and most certainly NSFW. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Dancing Anymore is the first single to be lifted from the hotly anticipated second album ‘I’m Leaving’ due 20th May via Kitsuné. Whilst their music seems to be a lot more toned down than previous endeavours their advancement as musicians is wholeheartedly clear with the band infusing their signature sound through an unrivalled maturity bursting with life. If I'd been told that Is Tropical were planning a new direction after the first album I might have argued they'd be making a big mistake but upon hearing this and other album track 'Yellow Teeth' I think it's safe to say the tropical trio are back bigger than ever!

You can pre-order the new album here:

Don’t miss them live :  -
May 3rd in Malmö, Sweden, at the Debaser Malmö 
May 4th in Stockholm, Sweden, at the Debaser Slussen 
May 16th in Brighton, UK, at the Great Escape 2013
May 24th in London, UK, at Rough Trade Eas
May 30th in Paris, Franc, at Nouveau Casino 
May 31st in Berlin, Germany, at Comet Club
June 2nd in Aarau, Switzerland, at Kiff
September 6th in Newport, UK, at Bestival 2013


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