Monday 15 April 2013

Phoria | Bloodworks EP


When a band creates such a phenomenal single I often fear that their follow up music will fall short of the mark, not meeting the standard of their previous hype. Sadly many artists release a track, generate a buzz for themselves, then wait such a long time before recording anything substantial that many fans have forgotten why they fell in love with them in the first place.

This couldn't be more wrong for Brighton five-piece Phoria. After their delightful and eeringly sentimental single 'Red' took the blogosphere by storm they return with their debut EP all in good time. Released via Akira Records on April 29th the 5 track extended play entitled 'Bloodworks' stands as a bold step in to the experimental and minimalistic world of Phoria. And aside from the hard hitting opening track 'Posture' that explodes in to an electronic freefall of destructive bass and tottering vocals, the rest of the EP remains true to 'Red's' soft and subtle ways. Such is the case with the swarming nature of 'Scopes' that comes draped in unadulterated percussion and a clean cut guitar making for a prosperous soundscape.

With the popular idiom 'if something ain't broke, don't fix it' playing true for 'Once Again' with its similar approach to 'Red' in the sense of piano led ingeniousness it's clear to see why the band have their feet set firmly in their own astronomical landscape; Becase it works so well. Add to the mix textures of layered electronic percussion and swelling vocals and you're left with something truly magic.

As the EP draws to a close on the enigmatically beautiful 'Set Your Mind On It' swirling with an unconditional love, it's searing pain forgotten but not unfelt, Phoria have shown through their consistency and vision alone their undoubtable talent for crafting such timeless classics.

The Bloodworks EP will be released on April 29th. In addition be on the look out for a special limited edition 8 page book release designed by Drew Lorimer and featuring a dropcard digital download, photographs by Rosetta Whitehead and a bonus free music score for a very special Phoria song. 


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