Monday 13 May 2013

Crystal Fighters | Cave Rave (Album Review)

01. Wave   02. LA Calling   03.You & I   04. Separator   05. No Man   06. Bridge Of Bones 
07. Love Natural   08. Are We One   09. These Nights   10. Everywhere
For this to be my first taster of Crystal Fighters, some may consider it slightly criminal. When you come to realise 'Cave Rave' is the London/Spanish band's sophomore album and they have a whole host of music available that has yet to reach my ears this all becomes quite shameful. But with that being said maybe it's a blessing, allowing me to listen to their new album without any prejudgmental views, hearing the music for what it truly is.

As the band headed off in to the Basque Hills region of Southern California to record their follow up to debut album 'Star of Love' no one was quite sure what the result would be. But it's clearly evident from the opening notes of Waves the band have picked up on the strong influence of their surroundings. With a vast swirling openness accompanied by twinkling synths and changeable vocals that add a distinct uniqueness to their music the band manage to capture the true spiritualism of human life. As it fades out in to an almost ocean like state we're greeted by LA Calling. An upbeat, feel-good track that's bursting with life. As Sebastian Pringle's vocals fall in to a blissful harmony with the strummed guitars an amalgam of cheery textures and catchy melodies come together to project a never ending supply of happiness.

With an almost Folk inspired Reggae vibe it doesn't take long to become overwhelmed by the lovable charm of You & I. The bands latest single has already been making its mark with the official video receiving rave reviews. Rattling through with Ukelele's and Bolivian Charango's (a unique 10-stringed instrument the band attained whilst on their travels) the track breaks down in to a moment of calm before raising the energy once more to Pringle's "You and I, no one else, nothing else but you and I". A beautiful ode to ones sense of realism and zoned out blissfulness experienced when engrossed in true love. 

It quickly becomes evident that Crystal Fighters are a spiritual bunch. With a strong psychedelic appeal the band manage to capture the hearts and minds of fans alike as they ride high on their wave of unique quirkiness. It's songs like Separator and These Nights that demonstrate this perfectly. Both tracks evolving and blossoming in to fully fledged anthemic pop songs through their delightfully fast, mesmeric playing styles.

As the album reaches its mid-way point it gives birth to my favourite track, No Man. Another prime example of how effortlessly the band manage to create their concoction of harmonious sun drenched anthems. As it attempts to tackle the pros and cons of all of life's little decisions you become embodied in a true sense of liberation. I challenge anyone to not want to dance to this! As the instruments begin to drop out leaving the scarcity of Pringles vocals we're welcomed by Bridge of Bones. It's here where things get a little different as the band reduce their high calibre tempo to make way for a slow burning, stripped back, piano led ballad. Its sentimental love brought to light through layered vocals bowing out in a choir-esque style. As the intrinsic, delicate melodies build it's delightful to see the warmth shine through as if the rain clouds have cleared to reveal the sun's rays.

It's not long though before the upbeat and bounding nature of Crystal Fighters edges its way back in the form of Love Natural. A glittering display of pure pop indulgence with a cocktail of instrumentation, forging together to compile the big sound it delivers. With no letting up you're thrown head first in to the powerful Are We One. Never ones for conformity, the track's structure evolves on a hotbed of folktronica, bringing to life each and every one of the intricate layers of sound. The band's high energy rhythms swaying in a lifelike state as the tempo slows allowing you to catch your breath before jumping back on it again.

As the album rounds up on Everywhere, a heavenly fresh track doused in memorable melodies a swirling nature ensues as you become surrounded by whirlwinds of breezy synths and guitars. A fitting end to a fantastically vibrant album that remains as consistently compelling as it does in sublimity. Cave Rave looks set to outshine all others in its path in becoming the soundtrack to your summer. In its predominantly fast paced environment this is an album that glows and glows. Forever giving in all of its eternal bountifulness. 9.2/10

Cave Rave will be released on the 27th May via Zirkulo/PIAS and is available to Pre-Order here.
You can catch the band out on tour this Autumn across the UK. Full dates below.

21st November - Brighton, UK - Concorde 2
22nd November - London, UK - Brixton Academy
23rd November - Manchester, UK - Academy 2
25th November - Leeds, UK - Stylus @ Leeds University
26th November - Glasgow, UK - Arches
27th November - Newcastle, UK - Newcastle University
28th November - Liverpool, UK - East Village Arts Club
29th November - Bristol, UK - Trinity
30th November - Birmingham, UK - Institute


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