Friday 17 May 2013

Old Colours | Mountains EP


No matter how much music you think you listen to, you really barely scrape the surface, even after all the trawling through countless music blogs, PR emails and the odd Soundcloud search. It's why I'm so thankful for knowing great people with equally good tastes in music. Introduced to Old Colours by my good friend Chloe just under a year ago it's been great to hear the bands progression and playing ability develop over this short time span. From humble beginnings of folk inspired pop the band have crafted their style in to a powerful concoction of unique talent, harbouring a definitive charisma. Based around the Swindon area with members dotted right along the M4 corridor from London to Bristol the band seem to finally be picking up the attention they so rightfully deserve. So with a string of single releases it was only a matter of time before they finalised a debut EP.

Available now, Mountains is a strong and empowering introduction to the South West four-piece's music. As the EP opens with Giants you get a strong sense of realism, Zoe Mead's vocals adding a delicate touch to the thundering percussion. Growing up listening to a lot of Post-Rock from bands such as Explosions In The Sky and This Will Destroy You I gather a strong influence in the guitars as they begin to soar with a piercingly beautiful aura.

As the EP moves in to Hannah you get a strong realisation that Old Colours are far from static. Evolving their playing style their music becomes quite hard to pin down to one genre. Always a good thing. Led in through a sparse opening of overlapping guitars and distinct percussion the track builds and forms layer upon layer of blissful enjoyment. With the scenery formed over a jangly bassline with Mead's vocals adding their elegant touch it's the final minute that becomes the most prominent as each slice comes together for one final explosion met with pulsating guitars and energetic "whoah-oh's". A fine masterpiece in pop professionalism.

Centre Line adds a sentimental touch to the EP. With softly sung vocals and a beautiful arrangement of instrumentation you can truly feel the emotion as it washes over you. With a brilliant build up led by adorable strings and rolling percussion an eerie silence ensues displaying the true sobriety in Zoe Meads voice. As the track develops it breaks out in to a flurry of evocative imagery before fading away once more in to a hauntingly calming outro showcasing the bands excellent ability in contrasting their playing styles.

As the EP rounds up on my favourite track, As We Run, we're met by their most powerful effort yet. With coherent layering paving the way to the lonesome melodies we settle into a hypnotic cadence.
With the warming fluctuations of faintly played guitars and hearty percussion intertwining to form a moving and aspirational backdrop As We Run becomes nothing short of inspirational.
Travelling deep in to your emotive state as if being propelled forward by the pounding drums, passionately relatable vocals and high-strung, elongated guitars you become surrounded by its breathtaking climax. Check it all out above.

The full EP is available to purchase now via Bandcamp.

If you like what you hear Old Colours are currently in the run for a chance to perform at Beach Break Live 2013. You can help support them in their campaign by leaving a comment on their band page here:


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