Saturday 15 June 2013

Matt Corby | Live: The Globe, Cardiff 14/06/2013

I'm sure anyone with a remote interest in music over the years would have come across the phenomenal talent that is Matt Corby at some point in their life. With extensive daytime airplay from the nations biggest radio stations it'd have been hard not to. Having taken his homeland by storm, Australia's latest singer/songwriting export has his eyes set on captivating an even larger audience as his engaging blend of ambrosial Indie-Folk lands on to UK shores with a bang.

After releasing a succession of EP's and Singles (most notably 'Brother') Matt Corby has amassed quite the following that's all too evident tonight as the queue for Cardiff's The Globe snakes its way down the rainy street. This doesn't seem to dampen anyones spirits in the slightest though as everyone slowly edges their way inside, eagerly anticipating the night ahead for what is the second date on Corby's latest UK tour.

Now, I thought it'd be easy writing this review. In reality, it's been far from it. Trying to sum up the sheer beauty displayed last night in to a few short paragraphs proved to be a lot harder than I first imagined. At just 22 years of age Matt Corby has cultivated his sound to incorporate such a wide variety of influences his presence becomes almost Godlike as the crowd ushers silence for his slow and heartwarming piano led intro. There's a definitive atmosphere here tonight tonight as everyone's temperatures rise all adding to the sweaty, humid air that lingerers around the room.

It would seem Corby has done what every ex-talent star has dreamt of; continuing down his own road of self development without any major record labels telling him what to do. He hasn't conformed or changed his playing styles in order to gain more fans. He hasn't sold himself out. His music speaks for itself. Empowering and undoubtedly wholesome. Each time his mouth opens the comparisons between Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake become ever more solidified, revelling in his element as his soft and husky voice falsetto's around the sold out venue. For just one man and a guitar there's a hell of a big sound.

As the band join in on some of the more bluesy numbers such as Souls a'Fire we get an even deeper realisation of his musicianship, switching between playing styles like it's second nature. His distraught and twisted vocals mould in to one with the slow burning guitar notes and thunderous percussion that increase to a rapturous tempo, only adding to the momentous evening.

It doesn't take long before the crowd start singing Brother's "ooooh-e-oooh's" between songs. Their going to have to wait a little while yet though to hear their favourite number as we're treated to his fantastic new single 'Resolution', the first taste of his debut album. Rhythmic and intricate it soars in to an overpowering masterpiece swelling in emotion. As it picks up pace the crowd become embodied in the excitement displayed from the band on stage. Definitely remaining one of my favourite songs.

Despite his openness and upfront charm displayed throughout his music, Corby keeps crowd participation to a minimum, showing a somewhat more vulnerable side to himself. The only time he chirps up is to politely ask the crowd to "Shut the fuck up" as some of the audience members continue to laugh and joke amongst their friends. If this was you, I'd love for you to get in touch so I can grasp a better understanding on why you'd pay good money to spend the night socialising rather rudely to everyone elses displeasure. It often baffles me. That aside Matt's continuous pleas for calm were met with lightheartedness as he laughed it off in his own lovable Aussie way.

As the night rounded up on My False, a blisteringly buoyant track that glistens with the most beautiful essence, it's evidently clear Matt Corby is a name you'll be hearing a lot more of. With his varied musical influences pushing him to the forefront of the singer/songwriting era his place remains true as one of the most prominent young artists to grace the scene. Let the album waiting game commence. 

Matt Corby continues his tour throughout June at the below dates:

17th June, The Leadmill, Sheffield
18th June, The Fleece, Bristol
19th June, KOKO, London
20th June, The Arts Centre, Norwich
22nd June, The Cluny, Newcastle


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