Wednesday 12 June 2013

RHODES | Always / Alter

With a soulful blend of painstakingly beautiful guitars, plucked with the purest of essence, RHODES manages to create an earthly sound accompanied by his ethereally chilling vocals. As the faint whispers soar in to choir-esque harmonies laden across the glistening, lonesome instrumentation, you get a true sense of realism whilst you drown in its depths. With an often thin line between good and bad acoustic/folk inspired music I often take an apprehensive approach when listening but with RHODES falling entirely on the good, almost to the point where it becomes hard to comprehend the feelings created, there's no risk of that here though. And with the promise of a debut EP this autumn it looks like we only have more exquisite music to look forward to! We'll surely keep you posted. In the meantime be sure to head on over to facebook where you can download 'Always' for free.


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