Tuesday 4 June 2013

White Lies | Getting Even

It's sure been a little quiet on the White Lies front since 'Ritual', but that doesn't mean the London trio haven't been hard at work on album number 3. After feeling a little disappointed with their sophomore effort (maybe I didn't give it enough listening to) the band return with the first taster of what's to come. Definitely a grower 'Getting Even' seems to incorporate elements from both their first and second albums creating a congruent blend of synths, guitars and uplifting, soaring vocals. It looks like their back in a big way. Download it for free above whilst you still can.

Pre-Order the new album BIG TV here: Digital: Physical:

01    Big TV   02    There Goes Our Love Again   03    Space i    04    First Time Caller 
05    Mother Tongue    06    Getting Even    07    Change   08    Be Your Man   09    Space ii 
10    Tricky To Love    11    Heaven Wait   12    Goldmine  


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