Tuesday 9 July 2013

Morning Smoke | In Euphoria

When I first hit play on Morning Smoke's latest single 'In Euphoria' I was in no way ready for what lay before me. With its distraught vocals and lonesome piano keys, enticingly leading you towards an abyss of ever lasting endearment, it's quick to become lost in its ocean of bliss. Then just as you begin to drift in to a subconscious state you're brutally awoken by heavy percussion that thunders down around you. As the mood changes direction and you gasp for air the track picks up pace through the emotional power it retains.

In the snap of a finger you're under a relentless pressure of brooding vocals and piercingly beautiful guitars that continuously evolve over its duration. In Euphoria serves as a prominent reminder that nothing is as it seems. Nothing remains forever. And nothing should ever be taken for granted. Take note, because Morning Smoke are a name you're going to be hearing a lot more of very soon!

You can stream another track from their forthcoming EP that's due to be released this October below.


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