Tuesday 30 July 2013

Stefan Noons | Signals

I think what I love most about the advancement in technology over the years is that just about anyone can make music nowadays. There's no longer a need for big fancy studios or highly expensive equipment. Granted not all of it is great but when it is it becomes so easily accessible allowing many more musicians to get their music heard.

Edinburgh artist Stefan Noons incorporates just this on his self titled solo project. The dizzying emotions felt throughout his latest track Signals and its predecessor Riverine hit you with an overwhelming display of congruity. As warm synths melt in to gospel-esque vocals, jittering through the intertwining instrumentation, you get a strong sense of embracement. In all of it's atmospheric beauty it becomes easy to get lost as swells of synths awash over you, yet done in such a way you don't feel drowned. More awake. Alive. And quite frankly refreshed. I really can't wait to hear what he comes up with next.


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